Brovia's Under $50 Barolo! Cupano's Big Red! And Tua Rita's Cult Merlot!

October 26, 2016
A Note from Sergio

It's cold out, the weekend's approaching, and your friends are coming over for dinner. You're looking for something more special than hummus and olives to serve them while they're drinking that first glass of wine. Enter bagna cauda, a dish so satisfying and delicious that the people of Piemonte have dedicated an entire festival to it in late November. Bagna cauda, which means "hot bath," is, as its name implies, a warm dip. At its essence, it's an Italian fondue starring butter, olive oil, garlic, and anchovies, the tasty, salty fish from neighboring Liguria that are an important staple in everyday Piemonte cuisine.

Bagna cauda is traditionally served in a small terracotta pot with a flame below the sauce, but you can also heat it over the stove. The part I love about it is its amazing simplicity. You just dip your favorite raw, boiled, or roasted vegetables--everything from artichokes to zucchini--into the buttery, salty, warm liquid, and enjoy the experience of a supreme comfort food. The array of colors and aromas merge to create an exceptional sensory experience that has few rivals for priming the palate for a meal. It's delicious. It's traditional. It's easy. And it's very, very Italian.

Today's eLetter closes out this week with three superb Italian wines. The first is Piemonte's best known, best loved red wine: Barolo. You who love Barolo are accustomed to paying hundreds of dollars and waiting many years before drinking it, but today's wine, Brovia 2012 Barolo, is an affordable luxury. Brovia is a small family-owned-and-operated estate that makes approachable yet traditional wines, and this 2012 bottling is under $50 a bottle. The next two wines are Super Tuscans. It's rare for me to like a Super Tuscan from Montalcino, but Cupano makes a very, very good one; the 2006 Sant'Antimo Ombrone is under $40 and delicious. Finally, if you love "big reds," you can't do much better than Tua Rita Redigaffi, and the 2014 offered below is outrageous.


Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence:
Delicious, Approachable $50 Brovia Barolo
2. Only At IWM:
Cupano's Delicious "Big Red," Sant'Antimo Ombrone
3. Time Sensitive Offer: New Allocation of Tua Rita's Silky 2014 Redigaffi
4. Wine Events: Upcoming October / November Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito

It's difficult to find an under $50 Barolo that's good enough to satisfy our discerning clients, so when we find one, we are delighted. Today, we're delighted to present Brovia 2012 Barolo, a caressing but vibrant Barolo that will entice new enthusiasts and satisfy experienced palates. Stylistically, Brovia straddles traditional and modern winemaking, striving to make wines that speak of Piemonte's history while allowing for accessibility. Known for its terroir-expressive work, Brovia crafts terrific interpretations of some of Piemonte's most renowned sites, and the estate's '12 Barolo blends together the fruits of these vineyards to make a remarkably balanced and seductive wine.

2012 was a warm, somewhat tempestuous growing season in Piemonte, but while the fussy Nebbiolo grape often suffers in heat, the snowy winter and a cool early spring provided groundwater to keep the vines from growing parched. Even more important, as harvest time neared, the weather grew more temperate, offering cooling nights to complement the sunny, warm days. Producers who carefully manage the leaf canopies of their vines, allowing for sufficient greenery to protect their grapes from the heat, did especially well, and Brovia's two sister winemakers made the most of the vintage, turning out a ripe yet balanced Barolo that is approachable almost upon release.

Founded in 1863 in the commune of Castiglione Falletto, the family-owned-and-operated Brovia estate has weathered wars, phylloxera outbreaks, and political turmoil. Giacinto Brovia took control of the estate begun by his grandfather in 1953, and since then, this 49-acre estate has dedicated itself to crafting terroir-driven wines. Today, Giacinto's granddaughters, Elena and Cristina, run the estate, using both the knowledge they acquired from their grandfather and their father, as well as their formal enological training in making Brovia's multiple wines. We're enamored with the estate's traditional-leaning cuvée Barolo, and we're certain you will be too.

Juicy dark cherries waft with rose petals, sun-warmed earth, baking spices, truffle, underbrush and sandalwood in this broad-shouldered yet energetic 2012 cuvée Barolo from Brovia. This 2012 wine belies its hot year with its bright acidity that drives it across the palate; fine-grained tannins cling to the cheeks in this dry, food-friendly, traditional Barolo. Priced at under $50 a bottle, which is very competitive pricing, this '12 Barolo is an affordable luxury, and unlike most Barolo bottlings, this is one you can enjoy both early and often. Cold weather is here, and it calls for Nebbiolo. Contact your portfolio manager to secure your Brovia Barolo today.

(Italy, Piemonte - Nebbiolo)
$49.99 Regular Price
$45.99 Case Price/btl


IWM rarely offers Super Tuscans from Montalcino--we find the region's Brunello and Rosso so excellent that we don't need to! Therefore, when we find one we champion, it's special. A rare certified organic Montalcino estate, Cupano sits on a rolling plain at the far edges of Montalcino, and it makes outstanding wines, including a beautifully structured Brunello di Montalcino, a delicious Rosso di Montalcino, and the luxurious Super-Tuscan Sant'Antimo Ombrone that we feature today. Owner-operators Ornella Tondini and Lionello Cousin founded Cupano in the late '80s, and together they use a decidedly French yet non-interventionist approach with their wines, which span the stylistic gap between traditional and modern. Today, we're delighted to present the structured, pure 2006 Sant'Antimo Ombrone, a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese blend. It's a finessed, elegant "big red" that punches well above its under $45 pricing, the BEST PRICE in the country.

Why Buy This Wine:

- The Sant-Antimo Ombrone is a massive wine, an organically grown powerhouse that rewards a more modern palate, yet it's also a wine that remains true to its Montalcino roots.

- Brambly blue berries and juicy red fruits dance with fresh-cut herbs, warm baking spices, crushed flowers and minerals in this '06 Sant'Antimo Ombrone.

- Now with a decade of perfect maturity, tertiary notes are joining in, and the wine shows kisses of truffle, black tea and smoke.

- Elegant and structured, this is a very expressive Ombrone bottling, embodying the vintage's classic growing season in its harmony and balance; polished, fine-grained tannins cling to the cheeks as this wine builds to a lingering, satisfying finish.

- A blend that changes with each vintage, Sant'Antimo Ombrone primarily Cabernet Sauvignon, with Merlot and Sangiovese, but while its composition changes every vintage, the wine consistently embodies the marriage of its makers, Frenchman Lionello Cousin and Italian Ornella Tondini.

- It's rare to find a bottle of this quality for less than $75, and IWM's BEST PRICE of under $45 for this delicious Super Tuscan redefines value.
- Only IWM can offer the '06 Cupano Sant'Antimo Ombrone, a wine that offers a perfect introduction to the estate's finesse, fine terroir, and unmistakable winemaking prowess.

(Italy, Toscana - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese)
$44.99 Regular Price
$39.99 Case Price/btl

*Pre-Arrival, December 2016


When Rita Tua and Virgilio Bisti bought their land in 1984, they just wanted a retirement spot, but they soon realized that their Suvereto plots boasted soil that was very hospitable for Bordeaux varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The couple discovered their land showed remnants of a former seabed, which influence the makeup of the vineyard's soil and impart mineral elements--so the couple began making wines, first for their friends, and then for release. By 1992, Rita and Virgilio had released their first wine, the Giusto di Notri under the name Tua Rita, and the estate's Redigaffi soon followed on its heels--along with critical success. These days, Tua Rita's wines are cult favorites, and fans eagerly await each new vintage of the estate's Merlot Redigaffi. Today, we're delighted to present special time-sensitive pricing on the new 2014 release of Tua Rita's exceptional Redigaffi, the twentieth-anniversary bottling of this exceptional Merlot Super Tuscan.

Why Buy This Wine:

- Textured and rich, this cult Merlot bottling is a favorite with IWM clients--and the 2014 vintage sees the wine's twentieth anniversary bottling!

- A year that started warm and wet, 2014 saw hailstorms in some parts of Toscana, along with rainy conditions; 2014 separated the good winemakers from the great, and the Tua Rita team crafted finely wrought, surprisingly powerful wines.

- Tua Rita makes its Redigaffi from low-yielding vines; its grapes enjoy lengthy maceration and are aged in small, new oak barrels leaving an accessible and structured wine with layers of lush fruit and intense texture.

- Melted chocolate, crushed violets, exotic spices, and fresh-cut herbs frame the juicy, pure red and blue fruits in this '14 Redigaffi, while smoky minerals, licorice and leather provide the aromatic foundation for this deceptively powerful wine.

- Silky and caressing, this wine marries its acidity with fine-grained, polished tannins in a stylish wine that puts its seamless, lifted mouth-feel front and center.

- Though Redigaffi has been a cult catch since its first vintage in 1994, the '14 Redigaffi is silky and expressive; don't wait to secure your historic, delicious, and cult-inspiring Redigaffi from this new allocation.

Tua Rita 2014 Redigaffi*
(Italy, Toscana - Merlot)
$299.99 Regular Price
$199.00 Half-Case Price/btl

This offer will expire in 48 hours on October 29th at 5:00 pm EST.

*Pre-Arrival, Early 2017


Saturday, October 29 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $75.00

IWM Host: John Camacho Vidal

In the US, they're called "orange wines," in Europe "skin-contact wines." Whichever terminology you use, they are all the fashion, which is a little ironic considering that this style of caramel colored wine made from white grapes date back thousands of years, originating in Armenia and Georgia. In many ways, the tale of orange wines goes hand-in-hand with the tale of natural wines; it's rare to find an orange wine made by a producer who doesn't abide by non-interventionist protocol, and indeed, the important producers of these wines in Italy hold a firm belief in non-interventionist agriculture and non-interventionist winemaking. Join IWM as we explore the wild, unique, unusual world of orange wines at this special tasting, accompanied by regional meats and cheeses. It's the perfect way to celebrate fall, welcome Halloween, and expand your palate with those white wines that "taste like a red."

Featured Wines:

Movia Pinot Grigio 2013
Radikon Oslavje 2008
Gravner Breg Anfora 2005
Cupano Rosso di Montalcino 2010
Fontodi Chianti Classico Riserva Vigna Del Sorbo 2012
Domaine de Montille Volnay 1er Cru Les Brouillards 2011
COS Contrada 2008
Radikon Merlot 2000
Domenico Clerico Barolo Pajana 2010

*Wine list may be subject to change.

Saturday, November 5 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting Lunch

Ticket Price: $149.00

Guest Hosts: Lorenzo & Sabina Sassetti, Pertimali Winemakers

The Sassetti family has lived in Montalcino for many generations, and winemaking has long been not only a means to their livelihood but also a passion. Join IWM on November 5, 2016, as we celebrate the family-owned-and-operated Pertimali estate at a five-course luncheon hosted by the estate's winemakers, Lorenzo and Sabina Sassetti. Along with nine wonderful Pertimali wines, this intimate luncheon will feature dishes created by IWM's own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff. As you dine, Lorenzo and Sabina will offer estate history, anecdotes, and inside information, providing the ideal environment for passionate wine-lovers to get to know Pertimali's wines. Delicious and informative, this luncheon will be an extraordinary experience for Italian wine enthusiasts to deepen their appreciation, enjoy like-minded company, and drink very special wines. It's like a trip to Italy, all without leaving glamorous Union Square!

Featured Menu and Wines:

Querciolina Istricaia Maremma 2014

Fresh Handmade Capunti with Pork, Lamb & Tomato

Rosso di Montalcino 2014
Brunello Montalcino 2011

Braised Veal Cheek with Tuscan Tale & Bone Marrow

Brunello Montalcino Riserva 2010
Vintage Brunellos*

Spumante Rosato

*Wine list may be subject to change.

Monday, November 7 | 7:00-10:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting Dinner

Ticket Price: $499.00
Early Bird Price: $479.00 (Expires Monday, October 31)

IWM Hosts:
Will Di Nunzio,
Francesco Vigorito,
Vice President of Sales

Piemonte's white diamonds meet Barolo, Brunello, Franciacorta and carefully selected wines at IWM's highly anticipated annual white truffle dinner. If you love Alba's most sustainable delicacy, the tartufo bianco, you won't want to miss this dinner that pairs truffles with wines from some of the great masters of Italy. Truffles flown from Piemonte will be at the centerpiece of this special event as IWM's own Chef Mike Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff design a dazzling multi-course menu, carefully paired with fantastic wines from the cult-inspiring estates of Gravner, Valentini, Fiorano and more, all rounded out with antipasti before and dolce after. Knowledgeable IWM sommeliers will pour Barolos from Aldo Conterno and Sandrone, as well as Brunello bottles from Soldera and Poggio di Sotto, along with other beloved wines from Movia, Palari, and Antinori's Castello della Sala. It's the most wonderful time of the year--truffle season--and we invite you to celebrate it in style with IWM.

Featured Menu and Wines:

Ca' del Bosco Cuvée Annamaria Clementi 2001
Movia Pinot Grigio 2013
Palari Faro 2007

Pasta I
Wild Snow Crab Risotto, Pine Nut & Chive
Castello della Sala Cervaro della Sala 2005
Gravner Breg Anfora 2003

Pasta II
Fresh Sheep's Milk Gnudi with Braised Lamb Shoulder & Abalone Mushroom
Case Basse Soldera Rosso IGT 2008
Poggio di sotto brunello 2009
Valentini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2001

Roasted Wild Squab with Capicola & Sarladaise Potato
Sandrone Barolo Cannubi Boschis 1990
Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo Colonnello 1988

Dolci e Formaggi
Fiorano No. 48 Sémillon 1995

*Wine list may be subject to change.

For more information, please visit our website Wine Events Page.