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Release of the 2005 Alzero! 6 Iconic Producers, 30 Amazing Verticals! And Joseph Voillot!

July 28, 2014 
A Note from Sergio

If a normal wine is a paper airplane, Quintarelli's wine is a spaceship. Every quality is overblown--its sweetness, its sourness, its acidity, its tannins, texture, flavors, smells--and at the same time, all the qualities work in tandem. The drink is an exercise in contradiction, and the question it raises is this: how, in the blast of confusion created by such exaggeration, could there exist perfect poise and harmony?

This question haunts me every time I open a bottle of Quintarelli's Amarone or Alzero. It's one I've struggled to answer, and I'm not alone: scientists have tried to discover the secret of Quintarelli's appassimento wines, and they have failed. A few years ago, I tried to explain the Quintarelli magic by writing a fairytale about the cherubic couple that lived in an unassuming cottage, and in that cottage, fairies and elves and other otherworldly beings made the wine. It's as good an explanation as any.

Today, I'm proud to present the latest release of Quintarelli Alzero, the estate's Cabernet Franc wine. It's a special bottle. More than being a heady, intricate, opulent wine, the '05 Alzero is dedicated to Franca Quintarelli, the wife of the late, great Giuseppe, who passed in 2012. It's a bottle that tugs at your heart and makes your senses sing a hallelujah chorus. We're getting just ten cases of this insane wine, and we expect it'll sell out faster than you can say its name.

Along with this release, I'm pleased to present thirty verticals of six of our blue chip Italian wines: Masseto, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Solaia, Tignanello and Sandrone. It's an embarrassment of riches, all pristine bottles, and something you can find nowhere else. I'm also happy to offer one of our very favorite entry-level Burgundies from Joseph Voillot. This is an astounding under $30 drink.



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1. Spotlight on Excellence: Quintarelli 2005 Alzero, a Tribute of Love
2. Time Sensitive Offer: Stunning Value Wine, Joseph Voillot Bourgogne Vieille Vignes 2011
3. Our Experts Suggest: Two Wines to Wow and Drink Right Now
4. Only At IWM: Thirty Pristine Verticals of Blue Chip Italian Wines
5. Wine Events: Around the World with Pinot Noir

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Sergio Esposito



Every release of Alzero is special, but the 2005 is even more so. This Alzero bottling honors Franca Quintarelli, the wife of the late, great Giuseppe, and it's a stunning tribute. Beautiful in any vintage, the 2005 layers the intense drinking experience of Alzero with love, with loss, and with tenderness. Today, we're very proud to offer the 2005 bottling of Alzero, one of the last to be almost wholly overseen by Quintarelli.

IWM Founder Sergio Esposito says of Quintarelli Alzero, "I can only describe this rare and brilliant take on Cabernet Franc as Cheval Blanc on steroids." As if that's not enough of an endorsement, Alzero has the kind of collectability that rivals Quintarelli's Amarone--it's one of the most hotly anticipated, passionately sought-after wines that IWM carries. The Master of the Veneto, Giuseppe Quintarelli, called "Beppe" by his friends, passed away in January 2012. More than two years later, it's clear that the estate that bears his name continues his iconoclastic practices of releasing wines only when it deems them ready.

Alzero is a massive--and massively delicious--wine. Quintarelli makes it only in the very best years, solely from fruit derived from old vines, predominately Cabernet Franc, usually blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and a small percentage of Merlot. As in the estate's Amarone, Quintarelli treats Alzero's grapes with the appassimento technique, drying the grapes in single layers upon straw or plastic mats for 60 to 100 days to concentrate and intensify the flavor; it's also the sole Quintarelli wine that's aged in barriques. 

Rich, textured and luxurious, the typical Alzero is a tantalizing production that offers a profusion of raisins and figs, cassis jam, chocolate, coffee, spices, and minerality--and many other notes too subtle, too fleeting, too magical to capture by name. Production generally hovers below the 300-case mark, making allocations severely limited, and given this bottling's historical and emotional significance, we expect it to fly out of our cellars. Alzero is often irresistible upon release, but it also rewards patience. Initially subtly delineated, Alzero's complexities become more apparent with age, supporting an evolution that spans two decades. Simply put, Quintarelli Alzero is a wine that must be drunk to be believed, and we're very happy to be presenting the 2005 bottling at the BEST PRICE in the States.

(Italy, Veneto - Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot)

$449 Regular Price
$399 6-Pack Price/btl

*Pre-Arrival, Summer 2015

Born in the US, but raised in Italy, IWM President of Sales Will Di Nunzio fell in love with wine when his father opened a twenty-year-old Biondi-Santi Brunello for Will's twentieth birthday. Will has since turned his love into a career.  

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 Fantinel NV Brut Rosé 
(Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia - Pinot Nero, Chardonnay)
$19.80 Regular Price 
$18.22 Case Price/btl


For the Cellar: Montevertine 2011 Rosso 
(Italy, Toscana - Sangioveto, Colorino, Canaiolo)
$54.99 Regular Price 
$50.59 Case Price/btl


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Among all the producers in the Côte de Beaune, Joseph Voillot has perhaps the most comprehensive holdings in the region. Voillot's holdings span 22 acres, consist of nearly forty vineyards, and produce eighteen wines.  While this may seem like a lot of land and many wines--and it is, Voillot's production of each wine averages between 200-300 cases. While many wine-lovers came to know the estate through their stellar 2002 vintage, Voillot has been crafting wines for over five generations; however, since 1995 when son-in-law Jean Pierre Charlot took over the estate's leadership, Voillot has seriously upped the ante, consistently making wines that will make even die-hard Pinot Noir drinkers swoon. Pommard or Volnay, you can't go wrong with Voillot's way with Pinot Noir. Today, we're delighted to present the stellar old-vine Joseph Voillot Bourgogne Vieille Vignes 2011, a stunning value and a fantastic introduction to the estate's style.


Why Buy This Wine:


- Josph Voillot's comprehensiveness, along with seriously old vines (they average fifty years of age, and some are as old as 110), give the domaine the ability to craft wines whose quality and age-worthiness rival those of Domaine Marquis d'Angerville and Domaine Michel Lafarge.


- This fifth-generation domaine is committed to making wines that speak eloquently of their vineyards, and this Bourgogne, sourced from about four acres of 50-plus-year-old vines located in Volnay, speaks volumes.


- This Bougogne's juicy Pinot fruit, dusting of peppercorns, touch of earth and hint of wildflowers will remind you of a Volnay--and for good reason; it derives from acres located just below Volnay AC vineyards!


- While it's rare for a producer to declassify Volnay because the appellation commands a high price, Joseph Voillot shows its house pride in doing so, and one taste illustrates how well this philosophy works. 


- Vibrant and energetic, this '11 Bourgogne Vieilles Vignes drinks like a wine double its price, offering great structure, velvety tannins, and a delightful mineral-laden finish.


- In stock and ready to ship, Joseph Voillot 2011 Bourgogne Vieilles Vignes comes to you at very competitive pricing; contact your portfolio manager to secure yours.


(France, Burgundy - Pinot Noir) 

$34.99 Regular Price 
$27.99 Case Price/btl   


This offer is available 48 hrs and will expire on July 30th at 5:00 pm EST.


When you're choosing between 25 vintages of Masseto and 34 vintages of Sassicaia, you know that you're looking at an offer that could only come from the world's leading authority in Italian wines, IWM. Today, we're very proud to present thirty vertical collections of six of the most collectable, most prestigious, most age-worthy, and most extraordinary Italian wines: Masseto, Ornellaia, Solaia, Sassicaia, Tignanello and Sandrone. To secure a vertical of one of these legendary wines is a collector's dream-any of these pristine, mature collections would be the crowning jewel in most connoisseur's cellars. Working with the estates themselves and our sources in Europe, Sergio Esposito, IWM's Founder and CEO, has managed to secure these highly coveted vintage verticals, each presented with the straight-line provenance and care that you've come to expect from IWM. Allocations are strictly limited, so please contact your portfolio manager to secure these blue chip verticals as soon as possible.

Why Buy This Wine:

- These verticals include some of the most storied and "perfect" wines ever produced, including Masseto's 1988, 1998, 2001, 2006; Sassicaia's 1978, 1985, 1988, 2006; and Solaia's 1985, 1997, 2001, 2004.
- It's rare to get find a complete vertical of wines from any producer, but to have one from the Super-Tuscan icon Tenuta dell'Ornellaia is special indeed; the 26-year collection spans the lifeline of the wine, while the 12-year collection includes the commemorative 2010 bottling.

- The wine that incited a revolution--the Super-Tuscan revolution--Sassicaia is a wine whose every vintage is a testament to its creator's vision, and these highly collectable verticals allow enthusiasts unprecedented access to vintage variation and perfectly mature Sassicaia.

- This unprecedented historical retrospective gives serious collectors a rare opportunity to experience Tignanello's transformation in time, to drink this Super-Tuscan icon with perfect maturity, to enjoy the fine nuances of vintage variation, and to revel in the wine's tertiary development.

- Luciano Sandrone makes his Le Vigne as a traditional cuvee Barolo, choosing grapes from the vineyards of Ceretta (Monforte), Vignane (Barolo), Merli (Novello), and Conterni (Barolo), making only 1,000 cases of this spellbinding wine a year, a must-have for collector and Barolo connoisseur alike.

- Rare and complete, verticals like these would be difficult for the estates themselves to assemble, and a collector would need to visit more than twenty merchants from around the world to find all these wines.

- Due to their limited nature of this offer, these wines are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sample of Verticals Available

Due to limited quantity, wines are subject to confirmation and are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please speak to your Portfolio Manager at (212) 473-2323 or at


A Saturday Seated Tasting featuring an incredible selection of IWM's Pinot Noirs from around the world, including Grand Cru and Premier Cru Burgundy of France, and wines from Argentina, Italy and USA

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Pinot Noir: It's the grape so distinctive that it got its own movie. As Miles Raymond says in Sideways, Pinot Noir "can only grow in these really specific, little tucked-away corners of the world. And only the most patient and nurturing of growers can do it, really. Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Pinot's potential can then coax it into its fullest expression." This special sit-down tasting, accompanied by regional meats and cheeses, celebrates those special corners of the world with wines from Umbria's Castello della Sala, Oregon's Ken Wright and Soter, Burgundy's Joseph Voillot and Francois Gay--and more. See what all that Sideways buzz is about, and get to know Pinot Noir intimately as knowledgeable IWM sommeliers teach you how terroir influences this extraordinary grape. It's a global experience in Pinot Noir, and it's only available at IWM.

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