Return of Aldo Conterno 2012 Barolo Cicala, Antinori's Pinot Nero and Brigaldara's Amarone!

November 22, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in America, a time when we gather together with family and friends, and we take the time to express gratitude for all that we have in our lives. Thanksgiving is about, well, thankfulness, but it's also about returning. It's a holiday that often compels us to return home, to return to the traditions of our childhood, to return to dishes we know and love, and to return to experiences that feel familiar.

Today, as I look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, I'm also happy to think about returning to wines that I've shared with you before. Maybe you poured one of these wines for friends--or maybe you poured one and made a new friend! Maybe you opened a bottle to commemorate an anniversary, to enjoy a success, or to set yourself upon a journey. Wine, as I see it, always brings people together--to talk, to eat, to think, and to experience our deepest, most wonderful humanity. Below you'll find three wines that aren't new--but they are wonderful: Aldo Conterno's silky 2012 Barolo Cicala, the Antinori family's sophisticated 2015 Pinot Nero, and Brigaldara's velvety 2011 cru Amarone.

Share one of these bottles over the holidays, make new memories, and feel the kind of love you can be grateful for all year long!

Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence:
Aromatic, Silky and Muscular Aldo Conterno '12 Barolo Cicala
2. Only At IWM: Deliciously Different Pinot Nero from Antinori's Umbrian Estate
3. Time Sensitive Offer: IWM Favorite Value Cru Amarone from Brigaldara
4. Wine Events: Upcoming November Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito

The late, great Aldo Conterno was born into a legendary winemaking family. From the Conterno home in Monforte d'Alba in the prized Bussia Soprano vineyard in the heart of the Barolo region of Serralunga, the Conterno family has been producing and aging the great Piemontese wines for more than five generations. Aldo left his brother, Giovanni, at their father's cellar, the legendary Giacomo Conterno estate, in 1969 to pursue his own winemaking interests at his own estate, Poderi Aldo Conterno in the "Favot" cellar. While Aldo began his winemaking career with a more modernist bent, over the past decade, the estate's wines have grown more traditional in style. Since Aldo's passing, his sons have continued in his footsteps, crafting layered, age-worthy wines beloved by connoisseurs, collectors and newbies alike.

Today, we're delighted to announce a new allocation of Poderi Aldo Conterno's graceful, sophisticated 2012 Barolo Cicala. A warm, even tempestuous growing season for Piemonte, 2012 gave the fussy Nebbiolo grape just enough groundwater to keep the vines from growing parched. Even more important, as harvest time neared, the weather grew more temperate, offering cooling nights to complement the sunny, warm days. Vine-growers who carefully managed the leaf canopies of their vines, allowing for sufficient greenery to protect their grapes from the heat, did especially well--as did those whose vineyards were situated in Serralunga and the higher portions of Montforte d'Alba. Poderi Aldo Conterno's 2012 Baroli offer early approachability combined with terrific aromatics and structure that's studded with polished tannins.

Crushed violet petals, menthol, baking spices, tar and warm saddle leather frame the juicy dark cherries of this '12 Barolo Cicala; its aromatics will pull you to the glass, but its structure suggests that better drinking awaits. Polished, fine-grained tannins stud the muscular body of the '12 Barolo Cicala that offers the structure to age for years to come. A sweet inner perfume marked by licorice and herbs and a lasting finish complete the drinking experience. The second "cru" from Bussia Soprana, Cicala is usually the most fruit-driven, but also the most tannic and most age-worthy of the estate's trio of single-vineyard Barolos, but the 2012 is remarkably genial and open-knit--you'll be tempted to drink it as soon as it hits your cellar!

Poderi Aldo Conterno 2012 Barolo Cicala
(Italy, Piemonte - Nebbiolo)
$149.99 Regular Price
$129.99 Case Price/btl

Pinot Nero, the Italian name for Pinot Noir, puts an Italian spin on the much-loved French grape varietal. While most of Italy's Pinot Nero hails from Lombardia and the Veneto, IWM's favorite Pinot Nero wine comes from Umbria--and it's made by the Antinori family, an IWM signature producer. In 1985, Antinori founded its Umbrian estate, Castello della Sala, on lands where Umbria abuts Toscana in the northwest corner of Orvieto, and its 400 acres under vine and its winemaking are under the guidance of renowned enologist Renzo Cotarella, an Umbrian native. Today, we're delighted to present the BEST PRICE in the country on Castello della Sala 2015 Pinot Nero, a velvety, balanced bottling that is drinking beautifully upon release. Very little Pinot Nero gets exported to America, so we're very happy to be able to offer this bottling from Antinori. Delicious and value-conscious, this Pinot Nero continues Antinori's tradition of crafting wines that are both approachable and age-worthy.

Why Buy This Wine:

- Deriving from ten acres of vines grown at 1,325 feet above sea level in calcareous soil, this Pinot Nero debuted in 1990, flying under the radar until recent vintages--IWM's portfolios love surprising their clients with this special wine.

- 2015 saw a temperate, sunny vintage at Castello della Sala, Antinori's Umbrian estate, and this Pinot Nero reflects its year in its balanced, vibrant, and finessed profile.

- Red and blue fruits are framed by crushed river rocks, wildflower petals, baking spices, and a touch of earth in this elegant, full-bodied wine, which is drinking wonderfully now but has the structure to age over the medium term.

- A deliciously different spin on a beloved grape, this '15 Pinot Nero finds admirable balance among its elements, and it reveals surprising complexity as it builds to a mineral-laden crescendo.

- Enjoyable upon release or over the medium term, Antinori's '15 Pinot Nero marries Italian style with international grapes--it's a perfect bridge wine!

- IWM is proud to offer this new Antinori release at the BEST PRICE in the country; contact your portfolio manager to secure yours from our limited allocation of the 2015 Pinot Nero release.

(Italy, Umbria - Pinot Nero)
$59.99 Regular Price
$55.19 Case Price/btl

It's officially Amarone season, and Brigaldara makes one of our favorite Amarone bottles. Located on the slopes of the Marano Valley in the Valpolicella region of the Veneto, Brigaldara's scant 125 acres are owned by the Cesari family, who began making wine in the 1970s using their fifteenth-century villa's farmhouse as their cantina, fermenting the wines on the structure's top floor and aging them on the bottom floor. While the Brigaldara team chooses to age some of its wines in barrique, it's otherwise very traditional in crafting its authentic Amarone, Valpolicella, and Soave expressions. Brigaldara believes the wine is made in the vineyards, and its team works hard to time the harvest for optimal grape ripeness, and its wines are evocative, transparent expressions. IWM is pleased to present special, time-sensitive pricing on Brigaldara's concentrated and textured 2011 Amarone Case Vecie. This velvety, terroir-driven cru Amarone is ideal for winter weather, holiday gatherings and beyond!

Why Buy This Wine:

- Created in a collaboration between estate owner Stefano Cesari and consulting winemaker Roberto Ferrarini, who worked at the legendary Quintarelli estate, Brigaldara's Amarone strides the line between traditional and international style and it's priced at just over $100 a bottle!

- Deriving from a high-altitude vineyard and produced in the appassimento method, Brigaldara's cru Amarone Case Vecie uses late-ripening grapes that dry for four months before the wine's painstaking fermentation and aging.

- Intense and velvety, this classic Amarone layers its brambly berries and juicy cherries with warm cigar wrapper, baking spices, fresh loam, licorice, espresso and kisses of minerals.

- 2011 was a ripe vintage in the Veneto, and this wine swaddles the palate with an opulent texture, but rich as it is, this Amarone is still vibrant, gliding across the palate with considerable power to a resonant, tannin-filled finish.

- Brigaldara's Amarone Case Vecie marries Italian tradition with international protocol like barrique aging to create a wine that's layered, age-worthy and still approachable--it's a steal at its relatively low price point.

- Winter is the right time for warming Amarone, and IWM is pleased to present this '11 Amarone Case Vecie at time-sensitive, special pricing; contact your portfolio manager to secure yours from our limited allocation!

Brigaldara 2011 Case Vecie Amarone
(Italy, Veneto - Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone)
$119.99 Regular Price
$99.00 Case Price/btl

This offer will expire in 48 hours on November 24th at 11:59pm EST.

IWM Mini-Grand: Black Friday Edition

Saturday, November 25 | 1:00-3:00 pm |
New York, NY
A Walk-Around Tasting

Ticket Price: $100.00
Black Friday Price: $50.00 (Expires: Fri, Nov 24 at 11:59pm ET)

It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and that means two things: leftover turkey and IWM's beloved Mini Grand tasting event! Spend some of your post Thanksgiving Saturday at IWM and enjoy wines from around the world in IWM's rustically elegant Studio del Gusto. Featuring producers from Italy, France and beyond, this tasting will focus on wines to give as gifts, wines to pour at your holiday gatherings, and wines to have on hand throughout the holiday season. Let IWM's team of sommeliers fill your glass with wine and your mind with knowledge as you walk around sampling wines from some of the finest producers on the face of the planet. It's a delicious break from your holiday shopping--and with preferential pricing on the event's wines, this event will set up your holiday with style. Complemented by meats, cheeses, and pasta, this mini grand will let you travel the world of wine, one glorious sip at a time!

Featured Wines:

Ada Nada Barbaresco Valeirano 2013
Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva Tignanello 2014
Antinori Guado Al Tasso Il Bruciato 2015
Badia a Passignano Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2012
Barone Pizzini Animante Brut Franciacorta NV
Brigaldara Case Vecie Amarone 2011
Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco Santo Stefano di Neive 2011
Castello dei Rampolla Sammarco 2011
Castello della Sala Pinot Nero 2015
Cerbaiona Brunello di Montalcino 2012
Cerbaiona Rosso di Montalcino 2014
Cerbaiona Rosso IGT 2014
Fiorano No. 26 Bianco 1992
Frecciarossa Riesling Gli Orti 2012
Graci Etna Bianco 2016
Le Mortelle Botrosecco Maremma Toscana IGT 2014
Le Mortelle Vivia Maremma Toscana DOC 2016
Nicolis Valpolicella Classico 2014
Pian Delle Vigne Brunello di Montalcino 2012
Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo Colonnello 2012
Poderi Aldo Conterno Langhe Rosso 2013
Prunotto Barolo Bussia Vigna Colonnello Riserva 2010
Prunotto Pian Romualdo Barbera d'Alba 2014
Roger Coulon Brut Reserve de l'Hommee 1er Cru NV
Tenuta San Guido Guidalberto 2015
Tormaresca Bocca di Lupo Castel del Monte 2012

*Wines to be announced.

Saturday, December 2 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting Lunch

Ticket Price: $299.00
Early Bird Price: $269.00 (Expires: Fri, Nov 24 at 11:59pm ET)

One of IWM's most highly anticipated tasting events is our white truffle luncheon, a delicious celebration of the tartufo bianco, Alba's most sustainable delicacy! Truffles flown from Piemonte will serve as the centerpiece of this sit-down luncheon with a menu designed by IWM's own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff, and guests will enjoy dishes that make the most of truffles and fall's ephemeral fare. IWM's knowledgeable sommelier will pour fine Champagne, Barolo, Barbaresco and other great wines, explaining the role of terroir in wine and in truffles, helping to deepen guests' understandings of the interconnectivity of wine and food. Autumn brings the most wonderful time of the year--truffle season. Celebrate it in style with IWM.

Featured Wines & Menu

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NV
Alberico Bianco 2014
Le Mortelle Botrosecco Maremma Toscana IGT 2014
Assorted Antipasti

Vincent Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru les Vaillons 2014
Fresh Trofie al Ferro with Spiny Lobster, Potato & Grilled Pancetta

Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco 1998
White Truffle Tajarin

Canalicchio di Sopra Brunello di Montalcino 1998
Sandrone Barolo Le Vigne 1998
Pelissero Barbaresco Annata 1995
Roasted DuBreton Pork Loin with Nebrodini Mushroom & Braised Cipollini

La Poderina Brunello di Montalcino 1988
Parmigiano, Raw Cherry Blossom Honey & White Truffle

*Wines may be subject to change.

For more information, please visit our website Wine Events Page.

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