Back by Client Demand: Talenti, Terriccio and Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia

May 23, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Here in America, tastings are all the rage; most people, enthusiasts or not, have attended at least one. The big industry-sponsored events take place in cold, vast rooms packed with purple-lipped masses lining up for their turn to expel the 250th gulp of the day into the communal spittoon. The participants pack their notebooks with pages full of observations and judgments. "A tannic monster, clumsy and bitter." "Tremendous dimension, supple and full-bodied, with a terrific fleshy finish." "Oak, clove cigarette, rich hints of concentrated pineapple juice and Egyptian musk, high drinkability." They're determined to master as many wines as they can, to stumble out of the auditorium accomplished oenophiles, able to size up a wine within seconds and move on to the next one.

I try not to attend those gatherings. I understand a wine best when I drink it the way I was taught: at the table with my friends and family. In my home, wine isn't doled out gingerly or swirled and spat. We don't analyze its mid-palate. Wine isn't reserved for people over the age of 21 or haughty connoisseurs, for people with deep pockets or a vast knowledge of grape varietals. It's for everyone, all the time. It's part of Italian culture and it is my culture. A glass of wine doesn't stir up our insecurities or competitive natures. Its presence brings joy, not anxiety. What I have learned from growing up in Italy and what I learn anew every time I return is that you can comprehend a wine much more fully simply by restraining yourself from judging it; just drink it. I guarantee you'll find what you're looking for if you don't look so hard.

Today's eLetter features three wines from producers whose wines are always hits at IWM tastings--and on our clients' tables: Talenti's layered yet precise 2012 Brunello, Terriccio's surprising 2013 Super-Tuscan Tassinaia, and the 2014 vintage of the wine that started the Super-Tuscan revolution, Sassicaia. These are beautiful, well-made wines that you many have had and loved, and if you haven't yet, you should. Although each is unabashedly Italian, they each tell you something a little different about their corners of Italy, the people who made them, the sun that shone, and the rain that fell. Don't master these wines. Don't pin them down like a butterfly upon a corkboard. Love them. Experience them. Let them become part of you. And feel the joy that a beautifully wine thoughtfully made can bring into your life.

Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence:
Explosive, Radiant 2012 Talenti Brunello
2. Only At IWM:
Terriccio's Under-the-Radar $58 Super Tuscan
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Mesmerizing 2014 Sassicaia
4. Wine Events: Upcoming June Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito

IWM's clients have long appreciated the Talenti house style with its impeccable balance between structure and concentration. Today, we're delighted to present the latest offering; from acclaimed vintage of 2012, this Talenti Brunello is sure to please the palates of everyone from Italian wine newbies to longtime aficionados. Best of all, priced at under $60, this wine is an affordable way to experience the benchmark 2012 vintage.

Talenti's aromatic 2012 Brunello di Montalcino is a testament to the estate's skills and to the vintage's exceptional weather. 2012 began with a wet spring, peaked with a hot and dry summer, and culminated in a harvest with terrific diurnal temperature difference, which is ideal for wine grapes. Indeed, 2012 is a year when terroir and technique shine, and while this year had the lowest grape production since 1947, it's extraordinary. Many people are likening 2012 to the great vintages of 2004 and 2010, saying that this Brunello vintage blends power with finesse in its extraordinary wines. We always love Talenti, but this '12 Brunello oozes sophistication and class!

Pressed flower petals, sun-warmed loam, rich baking spices, fresh-cut herbs, and crushed rocks frame the brambly red and blue berries in this silky, rich Brunello from the benchmark 2012 vintage. At once explosive and structured, this wine embodies rustic elegance in its perfectly matched chewy tannins, open-knit palate, and bright acidity. Talenti wines consistently offer a tremendous price-to-quality ratio, making them great values in artisanal Brunello, but the exceptional 2012 vintage makes Talenti's Brunello a remarkable value--and an affordable luxury.

A Brunello made by one of the longtime Montalcino masters is a beautiful thing--and one that's priced at $60 is even more wonderful. Rich without being saturated, juicy with fruit without being extracted, this is a wine that you will want to enjoy again and again. Talk to your portfolio manager to secure this expressive, intense, and finessed wine. We consider Talenti's wines to be must-have bottles for the Brunello enthusiast, and in a knockout year like 2012, Talenti's Brunello is not to be missed.

(Italy, Toscana - Sangiovese Grosso)
$59.99 Regular Price
$55.19 Case Price/btl

If you love Sassicaia, Tignanello, or Ornellaia, you owe it to your palate to try Castello del Terriccio. Located in the Maremma and owned by Dr. Gian Annibale Rossi di Medelana, Castello dei Terriccio builds on the legacies of those Super-Tuscan standard-bearers with its wines that speak eloquently of the estate's roots and its vineyards' unique terroir. Although only founded in the 1980s, Castello del Terriccio has agricultural history that stretches back to the Middle Ages, and now this estate crafts beautiful Super-Tuscan wines from its 148 acres in Maremma that range along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Today, IWM is pleased to present the BEST PRICE in the country on Terriccio 2013 Tassinaia, which packs a powerful punch at its under $58 price point. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grown in a stony vineyard, Tassinaia is a brooding yet succulent wine that will give Super-Tuscan fans much to enjoy--at less than $58 a bottle!.

Why Buy This Wine:

- Looking to Sassicaia for inspiration, estate owner Gian Annibale Rossi di Medelana sourced his vines from top Bordeaux estates, and Rossi and his team employ traditional Bordeaux protocol to craft the estate's complex, age-worthy wines.

- Juicy, succulent and polished, the '13 Tassinaia bursts from the glass with fistfuls of ripe red and blue fruits, pressed herbs, espresso, licorice, and flower petals.

- Inviting yet structured, this wine uncoils on the palate to show a muscular frame, sweet inner perfume, vivid fruit, and chewy tannins.

- A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grown in a sandy, stony 37.5-acre vineyard, Tassinaia is a power-packed yet elegant wine that over-delivers on its modest pricing.

- While we'd suggest this Tassinaia rests for a couple of years, we can understand that you can't wait to drink it--but don't wait to contact your portfolio manager to get yours at the BEST PRICE in the country.

(Italy, Toscana - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot)
$57.99 Regular Price
$53.35 Case Price/btl

Sassicaia is single-handedly responsible for launching the Super-Tuscan movement and it's one of the most sought-after wines in the world. Marchese Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta continues the tradition at the Tenuta San Guido estate with the spirit and dedication that drove his late father, Mario, to create Sassicaia, a wine inspired by the similarity of the soil in Bordeaux's Graves to that of Bolgheri. Committed to the evolution of Tuscan wines, Mario had planted a small vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Bolgheri hills in 1944. This parcel would become his estate, Tenuta San Guido, and the 1968 release of Sassicaia would forever change history. Every new vintage of Sassicaia is a celebration for its many fans, and today, we're delighted to present the silky, perfumed 2014 Sassicaia, a wine that begs you to drink it upon release (although it'll be even more delicious a decade down the road).

Why Buy This Wine:

- 2014 presented challenging warmth, wetness, and delayed maturation; however, the team at Tenuta San Guido performed very careful canopy management to usher in a lower-than-normal crop of beautifully ripe, balanced grapes.

- The resulting '14 Sassicaia embodies the effortless elegance wine-lovers expect from the wine, but this elegance appears in an outrageously aromatic, approachable and altogether seductive package.

- Layers of succulent red and blue fruits are framed with pencil lead, rain-spattered wildflowers, fresh loam, and warm baking spices in this lacy, mesmerizing Sassicaia bottling.

- This wine shows exquisite balance among its elements: lively acidity pairs with fine-grained tannins, a sweet inner perfume matches savory minerals, and rustic notes find their complement in a silky, beguiling mouth-feel.

- The '14 Sassicaia shows a Burgundian profile to the legendary Bordeaux-style blend; it's enjoyable out of the gate, yet it will develop nicely over the next decade or so.

- Every new Sassicaia release, IWM secures as large an allocation as we can, but our clients love the wine so much that we always sell through it quickly; contact your portfolio manager to secure the beautifully aromatic 2014 Sassicaia at special, time-sensitive pricing.

(Italy, Toscana - Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc)
$189.99 Regular Price
$174.99 Case Price/btl

*Pre-Arrival, Late Summer

This offer will expire in 48 hours on May 25th at 5:00pm EST.

Saturday, June 3 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $79.00
Special Two-Ticket Price: $135.00

IWM Host: Michael Adler

Not even summertime's heat will part some wine-lovers from their red wines--nor should it! Summer is the time of BBQs, grilling, and burgers, and these foods demand a red wine partner, but not all reds work well in summertime heat. How do you keep your hot weather cool while indulging in your favorite red wines? IWM's own Michael Adler will help you answer this question with international style and unquestionable taste. Join us as we guide you through a landscape of summer-worthy reds, from light, bubbly wines to zingy, go-for-the-gusto reds that will make your steak sing. Accompanied by regional meats and cheeses, this sit-down tasting will keep you in the red--red wine, that is!

*Wine list to be announced.

Saturday, June 10 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down

Ticket Price: $79.00
Special Two-Ticket Price: $135.00

IWM Host: Francesco Vigorito

Summer is here, and it's time to stock your cellar with the wines you'll want to enjoy all summer long. From energetic sparklers to crisp whites to grill-worthy reds, the wines of summer are special, easy-going affairs. They complement difficult foods like lobster rolls and Tuna Niçoise, and they make steaks, hamburgers and BBQ sing. Most of all, they're wines that please the palate while being easy on the wallet. Join us to get to know your wines of summer 2017 with our own Francesco Vigorito. Pouring some of our very favorite warm weather wines, Francesco will help you learn what pairs with summertime's trickier dishes and show you how off-the-beaten path wines make your summertime even more delicious. Pouring from a selection of red, white and sparkling wines, this tasting event, complemented with regional meats and cheeses, will set you up in style to enjoy summer's heat--while keeping your cool.

*Wine list to be announced.

Tuesday, June 13 | 7:00-10:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Dinner Tasting

Ticket Price: $299.00
Special Two-Ticket Price: $549.00

IWM Host: Will Di Nunzio

This summer, IWM is presenting our "Wine Lover Dinner Series," a joyous celebration of classic wine-and-food pairings, and there's no better start than one of our favorites: black truffles, a signature ingredient in fine Italian dining. Truffles meet Champagne, Barolo, Brunello, Super Tuscans, and other world-class wines at one of IWM's most beloved tasting events, our truffle dinner. If you love the earthy beauty of Italy's black truffles, you won't want to miss this event that pairs truffles with wines from some of the great masters of Italy and France. Truffles flown from Piemonte will serve as the centerpiece of this special dinner crafted by Chef Michael Marcelli and our in-house kitchen staff with world-class dishes featuring truffles. IWM's Will Di Nunzio and Francesco Vigorito will pour Champagne, Barolo from, Brunello, Super Tuscans and more, creating perfect pairings for your enjoyment and edification. It's a memorable evening of delicious food, outrageously good wines, and excellent conversation. All it needs is you!

*Wine list and menu to be announced.

Saturday, June 17 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Walk-Around Wine and Food Tasting

Ticket Price: $79.00
Special Two-Ticket Price: $135.00

The best way to know wine is to drink it--a lot of it! But as enjoyable as it is, just drinking wine isn't enough to educate your palate. You need to drink it within the context of other wines, to enjoy it in the company of knowledgeable people, and to experience it in a relaxed, vibrant environment. IWM invites you to our Mini-Grand tasting that will broaden your palate with specially chosen wines from Italy, France and more! This mini grand tasting of global wines features wines from our best-loved countries, our favorite producers, and our most important regions. It's a rare opportunity to experience a wide array of wines in one location, surrounded by like-minded wine-lovers. Let IWM's team of sommeliers will fill your glass with wine and your mind with knowledge as you walk around sampling wines from some of the finest producers on the face of the planet. Complemented by an assortment of antipasti and pastas prepared by our in-house culinary team, and sweetened by preferential pricing on the featured wines, this tasting is a treat. Come to IWM's Mini-Grand Tasting and travel the world of wine, without ever leaving glamorous New York City.

*Wine list and menu to be announced.

Tuesday, June 27 | 7:00-10:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Dinner Tasting

Ticket Price: $199.00
Special Two-Ticket Price: $349.00

IWM Host: Will Di Nunzio

IWM's Wine-Lover Dinner Series celebrates delicious dishes with wines that make them sing. Seafood, fish, and all that the oceans, rivers and lakes give us are perfect summertime fare. IWM invites you to join us for a special Wine-Lovers Dinner featuring seafood and fish dishes-all complemented by perfectly selected wines. Celebrating the special union of seafood and wine with courses invoking Italy's coastal regions, from its North (Friuli, Liguria and the Veneto) to its South (Campania and Abruzzo), IWM's own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff will craft a five-course dinner, while our own Will Di Nunzio and Francesco Vigorito will show you that there's more to finding the perfect pairing than merely pouring white wines. Explore your passion for aquatic food and wine while learning how to make mindful wine pairings at your own table. It's a win-win-wine dinner at IWM, and the only thing that can make it better is you!

*Wine list and menu to be announced.

Saturday, June 24 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $89.00
Special Two-Ticket Price: $150.00

IWM Host: Michael Adler

That noise you've been hearing is the recent buzz about natural wines. They're the wines that get described as "non-interventionist," "organic," or "biodynamic." But what exactly makes a wine "natural"? Join us for this special tasting and learn the ins and outs of wines made from grapes grown without pesticides, made without additives, or made with on the ebbs, the flows and the lunar pull of biodynamic protocol. Accompanied by regional meats and cheeses, this seated tasting, led by knowledgeable IWM's own Michael Adler, will give you the opportunity to enjoy natural, organic and biodynamic wines, to get to know them better, and to understand why they're so terrific. Prepare to become a convert to their lively, intense, celestial styles; these wines are more than exciting--they're naturally alive!"

*Wine list to be announced.

Tuesday, July 11 | 7:00-10:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Dinner Tasting

Ticket Price: $229.00
Special Two-Ticket Price: $399.00

IWM Host: Will Di Nunzio

IWM's Wine-Lover Dinner Series celebrates delicious dishes with wines that make them sing. It's hard to find a better, more long-lasting, and finer marriage than pasta and wine. Join IWM as we put our passions together in one perfect dinner celebrating Italian pasta and wine. IWM's own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff will craft five beautiful pasta dishes that invoke individual Italian regions, while IWM's own Will Di Nunzio and Francesco Vigorito pour wines that perfectly complement the meals. From the earthy creations of central Italy, to the fresh and vibrant pastas of Italy's East, to the savory delicacies of Italy's North, this dinner brings together exceptional food, extraordinary wines, and impassioned people--like you! IWM's pasta dinner is certain to be a memorable evening and it could only come from the world's leading authority in Italian wine, IWM.

*Wine list and menu to be announced.

For more information, please visit our website Wine Events Page.

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