Exploring Toscana's Magic with Terriccio's Super-Tuscan Gems

October 16, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Much of Italy is hilly--Rome has its seven hills, and Liguria's coastline, especially Cinque Terre, seems to be on the verge of tumbling down into the sea. Piemonte's hills are legendary, and they rise more steeply than those of Toscana. But there's something special about Toscana's hills. It might be that the round undulations of Toscana call to mind other hilly regions--people from Virginia say it looks like Virginia's blue hills, while people from Vermont say that it reminds them of Vermont's green mountains. The shape of the hills, the green-and-gold of the hillside foliage and valley's grasses work to make travelers nostalgic. Toscana feels familiar, yet just unfamiliar enough to feel magical.

Toscana's tiny soap-colored towns that perch on those hills look like something out of a fairytale. When you drive up that hill and enter one of those towns, that fairytale turns into a history book. While it's true that every Italian town worth its salt has a medieval borgo, the ones in Toscana are special. Way up on those hills, these towns also have a view, usually a spectacular one. There's nothing like sitting at an osteria, glass of wine in your hand, eating cinghiale ragu over pici or pecorino drizzled with chestnut honey and seeing the green carpet of vines and the lion's pelt of hay fields roll out below you. The view, the food, and the buildings all make you feel like time has stopped, and you with it.

Today, I'm very proud to present a collection of wines from Castello del Terriccio. I managed to score seventeen different bottlings from this relatively unknown estate, and this collection represents a deep dive into the magic of Toscana. While Terriccio's vines and protocol bring to mind New World-style approachability and power, this Maremma estate has a long, winding history that stretches back to Medieval times when its coastal position gave the Pisan army an advantage in warding off invasion; later, serving as home to the Counts Gaetani for five centuries, the lands of Castello del Terriccio became a site for agriculture, including winemaking. Like the hills of Toscana themselves, Terriccio's wines span the Old World and the New, providing a delicious bridge--and everyone knows that a bridge is great place to marvel at the view. Explore these wines. I think you'll love them.


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Castello del Terriccio, Everyday Wines to Vintage Collector Greats!
2. Wine Events: Upcoming October / November Wine Tasting Events
My Best,

Sergio Esposito

Sassicaia, Solaia, and Ornellaia are the iconic "aia"s of Super-Tuscan wines. They are the bottlings that ignited, inflamed and stoked the Super-Tuscan revolution and they are terrific. But they are not the only Super-Tuscan wines worthy of your attention, and if you love this trio, you owe it to your palate to try Terriccio's Super-Tuscan gems. Located in the Maremma, Castello del Terriccio's wines will thrill wine-lovers who are on the search for undiscovered Bordeaux-styled Italian bottlings. Looking to Sassicaia for inspiration, Dr. Gian Annibale Rossi di Medelana, Terriccio's founder, sourced his vines from top Bordeaux estates, and Rossi and his team employ traditional Bordeaux protocol to craft the estate's complex, age-worthy wines. Although only founded in the 1980s, Castello del Terriccio has agricultural history that stretches back to the Middle Ages, and today, the estate crafts beautiful Super-Tuscan wines from its 148 acres in Maremma that range along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Terricio's wines are hard to secure, but, working with our European sources, IWM managed to score a range of Terriccio wines, both recent releases and mature bottlings, including the estate's twin flagship wines, Lupicaia and Castello del Terriccio. This offer presents 17 different bottlings, all at special, time-sensitive pricing. It's a fantastic opportunity to thrill your palate with undiscovered Super Tuscans, to fill your cellar with a mixed case or two, or simply to indulge your excellent taste, both now and down the road!

Why Buy This Wine:

- "Terriccio" means soil in Italian, and Castello del Terriccio is devoted to creating wines that speak eloquently of the estate's roots and its vineyards' unique terroir; today's list offers unparalleled depth and breadth of this estate's wines.

- While difficult to find, Terriccio's wines reward savvy wine buyers; these beautifully made Super Tuscans span a range of price points and offer tremendous value, especially the Tassinaia and the Capannino, which over-deliver on their modest price points.

- Terriccio's entry-level wine is the silky mono-varietal Merlot, Capannino; priced at just over $30 a bottle, Capannino is a terrific everyday alternative to Bolgheri's iconic collector Merlots.

- Stepping it up a notch, Tassinaia, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, offers a classic Super-Tuscan palate of red and blue fruits, saddle leather and spice, conveyed on a textured, vibrant body.

- Composed of 50% Syrah, 25% Petit Verdot and the remainder other red grape varieties, Castello del Terriccio's eponymous blend coats the palate with notes that oscillate between sweet fruits and savory elements--it's outstanding!

- Sassicaia enthusiasts will love Castello del Terriccio's Lupicaia, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot and Petit Verdot; this age-worthy, structured wine is a knockout, and today's offer spans ten vintages, giving a panoramic view of this lesser-known Bolgheri beauty.

- Presented at competitive pricing, these Terriccio wines come with the "IWM Difference," our assurance of pristine provenance and perfect care throughout the wines' lifespans; contact your portfolio manager to secure these fine Super Tuscans with special, time-sensitive pricing!

Vintage Size Price/btl 3pk Price/btl Case Price/btl
2014 0.75 $31.99 - $29.43
2006 0.75 $134.99 - $124.19
2007 0.75 $149.99 - $137.99
2008 0.75 $134.99 - $124.19
2009 0.75 $124.99 - $114.99
2000 0.75 $139.00 - $127.88
2001 0.75 $179.00 - $164.68
2004 0.75 $199.99 - $183.99
2005 0.75 $199.99 - $183.99
2006 0.75 $199.99 - $183.99
2007 0.75 $199.99 - $183.99
2008 0.75 $199.99 - $183.99
2008 1.5 $425.00 $391.00 -
2009 0.75 $219.99 - $202.39
2009 1.5 $459.00 $422.28 -
2010 0.75 $191.99 - $176.63
2010 1.5 $425.00 $391.00 -
2010 0.75 $57.99 - $53.35
2010 1.5 $149.99 $137.99 -
2013 0.75 $57.99 - $53.35

This offer will expire in 48 hours on October 18th at 11:59pm EST.

Monday, October 23 | 7:00-10:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting Dinner

Ticket Price: $219.00
Early Bird Price: $199.00/ticket (Expires: Tuesday, October 17)

Hosted by: Alessia Antinori
, Alberico Winemaker
IWM Host: Will Di Nunzio, President

It's a wine event that is decades in the making, featuring wines so rare they're simply unavailable anywhere else! Join IWM as we host Alessia Antinori, winemaker and daughter of Marchese Piero Antinori, for a special five-course dinner featuring the extraordinary wines of Alberico. Once called Fiorano, Alberico is an estate with a long, storied past and a history of making some of Italy's most important, most collectable wines. In 1995, Prince Alberico Boncampagni Ludovisi, Alessia's grandfather, made his last vintage at Fiorano, pulling up all the vines except for a few rows of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and some white grape vines left on a caretaker's property. After inheriting a portion of the Prince's land following his death in 2005, Alessia took on the project of nursing these vines back to health, intent on making wine as her grandfather did--organically and with minimal intervention. This unique evening will present old vintages of Fiorano, both its fabled whites and its excruciatingly rare Rosso, as well as offer a taste of Alessia's new Alberico bottlings from the estate's restored vineyards. It's a unique, extraordinary opportunity to experience Italian winemaking history with the winemaker herself, and it's only available at IWM, the world's leading authority in Italian wine.

Featured Wines:

Welcome | Antipasti
Antinori Montenisa Brut
Alberico Bianco 2014

Striped Bass, Grilled Pancetta & White Pea
Fiorano No. 45 Bianco 1995
Fiorano No. 26 Bianco 1992

Fresh Pappardelle, Cockerel & Porcini Ragu
Alberico Rosso 2012
Alberico Rosso 2011
Alberico Rosso 2010

Grill Lamb Shoulder, Caper & Roasted Potato
Fiorano Rosso 1988
Fiorano Rosso 1993
Fiorano Rosso 1995

Dolci | Formaggio
Fiorano No. 22 Sémillon 1993

*Wines may be subject to change.

IWM's Annual White Truffle Dinner

Friday, November 3 | 7:00-10:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting Dinner

Ticket Price: $499.00
Early Bird Price: $479.00/ticket (Expires: Friday, October 27)

IWM Host: Will Di Nunzio, President

Piemonte's white diamonds meet Barolo, Brunello, Franciacorta and carefully selected wines at IWM's highly anticipated annual white truffle dinner. If you love Alba's most sustainable delicacy, the tartufo bianco, you won't want to miss this dinner that pairs truffles with wines from some of the great masters of Italy. Truffles flown from Piemonte will be at the centerpiece of this special event as IWM's own Chef Michael Marcelli and his in-house kitchen staff design a dazzling multi-course menu, carefully paired with fantastic wines from cult-inspiring estates, all rounded out with antipasti before and dolci after. Knowledgeable IWM sommeliers will pour Barolos and Brunellos, along with other beloved Italian wines. It's the most wonderful time of the year--truffle season--and we invite you to celebrate it in style with IWM.

*Wines and menu to be announced.

Big & Bold Italian Reds

Saturday, October 21 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $119.00

IWM Host: Will Di Nunzio, President

The temperature's dropping and we're reaching for heartier fare. As roasts, game, stews, and casseroles begin to appear on our tables, it's time to find big, bold reds that will make these rich, dark dishes sing. It's time, in short, for some of IWM's favorite brooding, complex wines. Join us as we celebrate the red wines of Italy. From Brunellos to Barolos and Super Tuscans, from Super Piemontese to Aglianico and Valpolicella, this tasting shows why Italian reds are world famous. Guided by knowledgeable IWM sommeliers, this glorious tasting, complemented by meats and cheeses, is devoted to exploring the lushness, the power, and the unexpected finesse of red wines from some of our favorite producers. It's big, it's beautiful, and it's only available at IWM, the world's leading authority in Italian wine.

*Wines to be announced.

Halloween Special: Orange, Biodynamic & Funky Wines

Saturday, October 28 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $89.00

IWM Host: Michael Adler

In the US, they're called "orange wines," in Europe "skin-contact wines." Whichever terminology you use, they are all the fashion, which is a little ironic considering that this style of caramel colored wine made from white grapes date back thousands of years, originating in Armenia and Georgia. In many ways, the tale of orange wines goes hand-in-hand with the tale of natural wines; it's rare to find an orange wine made by a producer who doesn't abide by non-interventionist protocol, and indeed, the important producers of these wines in Italy hold a firm belief in non-interventionist agriculture and non-interventionist winemaking. Join IWM as we explore the wild, unique, unusual world of orange wines at this special tasting, accompanied by regional meats and cheeses. It's the perfect way to celebrate fall, welcome Halloween, and expand your palate with those white wines that "drink like a red."

*Wines to be announced.

For more information, please visit our website Wine Events Page.

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