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Each wine gift, basket and collection we offer is hand selected from a portfolio of brands, producers and properties that Italian Wine Merchants founder Sergio Esposito has selected based on provenance, rarity and integrity in winemaking. Accents have been supplied, like the single bottle treasure chest and wooden baskets to insure your presentation. Our goal is to offer the complete gift experience for the giver and the recipient. We hope you enjoy!
Gift Cards Holiday Gift Guide
Sometimes it's impossible to know if your friends, family members, or business associate favor Barolo over Brunello, Valpolicella over Vernaccia--or would actually rather have bottles of Prosecco instead. That's the beauty of the IWM gift card.
The wines you find in this guide are the wines IWM Owner/Founder, Sergio Esposito, selects each day for Italian Wine Merchants clients. I offer wines that inspire me—it’s just that simple. I hope you may find your own inspiration within this Holiday 2017 Gift Guide, and if you're having a hard time finding that special gift, my staff can help you choose something unique for those exceptional people in your life.
Wine Books Wine Gift Baskets
Next to tasting wine, education of your mind is the most direct way to educate your palate. Italian Wine Merchants features a complete selection of wine reference books as well as the founder Sergio Esposito's book, Passion on the Vine
A perfect gift presentation. These two- to three- bottle ensembles are accompanied by an antique-style woven-wood basket that beautifully displays the wine selections. Each bottle is hand-selected by an IWM Portfolio Manager, unless otherwise noted in the descriptions below.
Wine Gift Boxes Wine Samplers
Wine Gift Boxes are stylishly presented insuring the gift-giver will look good. The wine enclosed, no matter the budget, have been professionally selected by an IWM Portfolio Manager insuring that the wine is stellar.
A sampler by definition is a cross section, a tasting or a flight. Our Portfolio Managers personally assemble these sampling cases with the intention of guiding you through the process of learning more about Italian Wine.
Wine Tasting Cases
Wine Tasting Cases from the Italian Wine Merchants are assembled and designed for a complete wine tasting experience. Many recipients buy cases for themselves solely to grow their palates and learn more about grape varieties and regions of Italy once unbeknown to them.
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Single Bottle Gift Box
Single Bottle Treasure Box
Price: $9.50
Two-Bottle Treasure Box
Two-Bottle Treasure Box
Price: $11.00
Vino Italiano Buying Guide Revised
Price: $14.95
Passion on the Vine - Paperback Edition
Price: $14.95
Fantinel Brut Rose NV 750ml
Fantinel Brut Rose NV 750ml
Price: $19.80
Large Basket
Large Basket
Price: $21.00
Vino Italiano Soft Cover
Price: $21.95
Mediterranean Summer
Price: $23.95
Passion on the Vine
Passion on the Vine
Price: $24.95
Sparkling Prosecco Gift Bottle
Sparkling Prosecco Gift Bottle
Price: $26.99