Quintarelli '06 Amarone Returns, Antinori's Aglianico, and Mommessin Monopole Magnums
October 6, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

What can I say about Giuseppe Quintarelli that you don't already know? He was a modest, kind man and a legendary winemaker. Quintarelli was an absolute traditionalist. He made wine exactly as his forefathers did, using painstaking agricultural methods, exacting grape selection, extra long aging, and a reliance on his own sense of when he should release his wines. He made great wine from bad vintages, but when the weather blessed him, as it did in 2006, he made astounding wine. I've always said Bepi's Amarone are like rocket ships, and the '06 bottling, offered today, will show you the stars.
I don't know how many more allocations of Quintarelli's hedonistic '06 Amarone we'll get, but I do know however many more bottles come our way, there will never be enough. Along with Quintarelli's Amarone, I'm pleased to present the Aglianico from my friend Piero Antinori's estate in Puglis, Tormaresca, This '10 Bocca di Lupo Castel del Monte is the best vintage of this Aglianico I've yet enjoyed, and I know you're going to love it. Finally, I'm very happy to offer magnum bottles of the Mommessin monopole Clos de Tart from 2011. These bottles will put smiles on the faces of Burgheads for years to come.
Today's Featured Sections Include:
1. Spotlight on Excellence: Hedonistic, Fast-Selling Quintarelli '06 Amarone
2. Only At IWM: 
Antinori's Elegant "Nebbiolo of the South"
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Magnums of Mommessin '11 Clos de Tart Grand Cru
4. Our Experts Suggest: 
Domaine de Pegau Approaches Perfection
5. Wine Events: Upcoming October Wine Tasting Events

My Best, 


Sergio Esposito


Intense, complex, and scented with spice, black cherries, earth, cigar wrapper and underbrush, the '06 Amarone we're offering today could only come from the hands of the Master of the Veneto, the late, great Giuseppe Quintarelli. When IWM debuted the 2006 Quintarelli Amarone, our allocation sold out in just a matter of days, and today's new allocation represents the last of this wine that we'll see for a while. Among the final wines to be touched by Giuseppe's hand, the 2006 Amarone is a fitting testament to its towering maker, who passed away in 2012, but even more than that, it's an exceptional wine on its own merits.
Fruit of a cool, dry, sunny vintage with a later than usual harvest, this '06 Amarone caresses the palate with a velvety mouth-feel, offering exquisite balance, elegant tannins, terrific complexity and a long, lingering finish. This collector's wine is the benchmark for all Amarone, composed primarily of the indigenous Corvina blended with Rondinella and traces of Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Croatina, and Sangiovese. It's replete with myriad layers and nearly infinite flavors, and it's a wine that deserves to be contemplated rather than merely consumed.
Always rich, opulent, sensuous and extraordinary, every vintage of this wine is a thing of beauty--it's no wonder that Quintarelli Amarone is consistently IWM's fastest selling collector wine. Quintarelli's magical Amarones hold you in their thrall with their indefinable palate of crushed flowers, ripe fruit, and seductive spices, their ethereal aromas, and their unbelievable balance. IWM Founder Sergio Esposito calls Quintarelli's Amarone a "rocket ship" because every bottle takes you on an unforgettable, incomparable journey.
This '06 Amarone is a hedonist's delight, a wine to be savored and meditated upon, and a clear illustration that although "Bepi" may be gone, his talent and his passion live on in his estate's magical Amarone. IWM is proud to present this new allocation of this collector Amarone at very competitive pricing; contact your portfolio manager to secure your--before this allocation, like our previous allotments, flies out of our cellars!

(Italy, Veneto - Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo)
$399.00 Regular Price
$349.00 Half-Case Price/btl
*Pre-Arrival, Late November 2015


When Italians wish luck, they say, "in bocca al lupo," or "in the mouth of the wolf." You don't need to cross your fingers for this ripe, concentrated 2010 bottling from Antinori's outpost in Puglia, Tormaresca. Located in Minervino Murge in the heart of Salento, the 620-acre Tormaresca estate, founded in 1998, also has a 320-acre satellite in the Castel del Monte DOC, where the wine we offer today derives. As with all of Antinori's estates, Tormaresca rests in the capable hands of CEO, enologist and winemaker Renzo Cotarella and his team, who work to craft wines that transmit the estate's unusual volcanic terroir. Today, we're delighted to present an IWM exclusive, Tormaresca 2010 Bocca di Lupo Castel del Monte, a gorgeous mono-varietal Aglianico. Presented at the BEST PRICE in the country, this velvety, intense and brooding wine will thrill aficionados of Aglianico, the "Nebbiolo of the South," and excite enthusiasts new to this grape.
Why Buy This Wine:
- While Aglianico frequently requires time in the cellar before enjoyment, this bottle from Antinori's Tormaresca allows for earlier approachability, yet it sacrifices nothing to longevity.
- After allowing the Aglianico grapes to ripen fully, Tormaresca vinifies them in temperature-controlled stainless steel, and the wine ferments in barrique for fifteen months and ages in the bottle for two years before release.
- Finessed, elegant and age-worthy, the '10 Bocca di Lupo may be the best bottling yet; bright cherries and brambly berries dance with dried fruit, fresh-cut herbs, tea leaves, licorice, scorched earth and wildflowers.
- Round yet structured, the '10 bottling balances its chewy tannins with vibrant acidity, displaying a marvelous inner perfume as this balanced, harmonious wine builds to an intense, smoky crescendo.
- Available only at IWM, the world's leading authority in Italian wine, this compelling '10 Aglianico complements its succulent fruit with thrumming earth and breathtaking structure; contact your portfolio manager to secure yours at the BEST PRICE in the country.

(Italy, Puglia - Aglianico)
$54.99 Regular Price
$50.59 Case Price/btl

*Pre Arrival, January 2016


A singular Burgundy estate, Mommessin has it all: history, a variety of terroirs, a good size, artisanal production, and the well-earned respect of wine critics and wine-drinkers alike. Founded in 1865 on the grounds of a Cluny monastery, the House of Mommessin first put roots in southern Burgundy. However, when the estate purchased the historic vineyard Clos de Tart in 1932, it began a process of redefinition that brings us to its current-day renown. For many years, Mommessin produced the delectable, highly collectible monopole Clos de Tart Grand Cru directly under the Mommessin label, in its own cellars. However, starting in the early '00s, the estate created a separate cuverie for Clos de Tart and its sibling La Forge de Tart. Today, we're delighted to offer the Mommessin 2011 Clos de Tart Grand Cru in magnum at the BEST PRICE in the States.
Why Buy This Wine:
- The only thing better than fine Burgundy is fine Burgundy from magnum; large format bottles offer a lower air-to-wine ratio, slowing development and over time creating a superlative, mellow version of the wine.
- One of only six grand cru monopoles in Burgundy, Clos de Tart, about 18.5 acres located above the village in Morey-Saint-Denis, has belonged to the Mommessin family since 1932.
- The grapes are about half destemmed; then they ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel and the wine ages in oak barrels for about 17 months before bottling.
- Brooding and dark, the '11 Clos de Tart underlays its ripe red and blue fruit with dried roses, tapenade, sun-warmed earth, exotic spices, and pepper.
- Balancing its round, smooth mouth-feel with chewy tannins and energetic acidity, this '11 bottling is a beauty that its maker, Sylvain Pitiot, calls, "un vin de plaisir," or a wine of pure pleasure.
- It's hard to find a more historic, more unique, or more desirable monopole than Mommessin Clos de Tart; contact your portfolio manager to secure this collector magnum bottling today.

Mommessin 2011 Clos de Tart Grand Cru (1.5L)*
(France, Burgundy - Pinot Noir)
$899.00 Regular Price
$695.00 3-Pack Price/btl 

This offer will expire in 48 hours on October 8th at 5:00 pm EST.
*Pre-Arrival, Early 2016

Michael Adler has worked with wines on both retail and wholesale levels in Oakland, California and New York City before joining the IWM team in early 2015. Michael holds certifications from both the North American Sommelier Association and the Court of Master Sommeliers.
Drinking Today: Domaine du Pegau 2012 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Reservée
(France, Rhône Valley - Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre)
$94.99 Regular Price
$87.39 Case Price/btl
For the Cellar: Domaine du Pegau 2010 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée da Capo
(France, Rhône Valley - Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Counoise)
$499.00 Regular Price

For complete descriptions of the wines and an explanation of why Michael selected these wines, please visit our expert's post at Inside IWM.


Thursday, October 8 | 6:30-9:30 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting Dinner

List Price (Tax Not Included): $325.00 
IWM would like to invite you to a very special evening celebrating the publication of the second edition of The Wine Bible with the author herself, Karen MacNeil. A best-selling author, Emmy winner, television host, and wine authority, MacNeil's career in wine and food stretches back four decades, and this special evening is a tribute both to her and her new edition of The Wine Bible, a book ten years in the making! This seven-course dinner, hand-crafted by IWM's own Chef Mike Marcelli and his in-house staff, pairs emblematic dishes with eleven iconic wines, including bottles from Biondi-Santi, Giacomo Conterno, Angelo Gaja, Antinori, and Fiorano. Guests will enjoy delicious food and spectacular wines with MacNeil, who will give insight and experience into the evening's selections--and everyone will go home with a signed copy of The Wine Bible!

Join us for this memorable evening; it's an IWM first, and it's sure to be extraordinary!

Featured Wine List:

Gaja Sorì Tildìn - Piemonte
Giacomo Conterno Barolo - Piemonte 
Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino - Toscana 
Fontodi Flaccianello della Pieve - Toscana 
Cupano Brunello di Montalcino - Toscana 
Antinori Cervaro della Sala - Umbria 
Raffaele Palma Salicerchi - Campania 
Gravner Ribolla Gialla - Friuli-Venezia Giulia 
Fantinel Prosecco - Friuli-Venezia Giulia 
Fiorano Sémillon - Lazio
Barone Pizzini - Lombardia
*Wine list may be subject to change.

Saturday, October 10 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $89.00
Fall is here, cold weather holds you in its embrace, and the holidays approach--it's only natural that your tastes turn to the warming glow that red wines provide. Join IWM as we explore the emblematic red wines of Italy, all accompanied by regional meats and cheeses, in a tasting that will help you prepare for your long winter nights. From Valpolicella in the North to Chianti Classico in Italy's middle to indigenous grapes from Italy's South, this tasting will help you come to know and love red wines even more. IWM's knowledgeable sommeliers will help you learn the difference between Barolo and Brunello, and what makes Italy the go-to country for food-friendly reds. Whether you're an Italian wine newbie looking for immersive knowledge or an Italian wine connoisseur seeking to brush up on your tasting skills, this Saturday tasting will help you fall yet more in love with the red wines of Italy.
*Wine list to be announced.

Saturday, October 17 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $99.00
France and Italy have a longstanding rivalry in the world of wine, one that has challenged the other to strive for greatness. Join us for an opportunity to compare the wines of France and Italy side by side, the makings of an entirely delightfulSaturday afternoon. At this Studio del Gusto tasting, we'll be matching French and Italian wines by type (Champagne and Prosecco), varietal (Chardonnay) and region (Bordeaux and Brunello di Montalcino, and Burgundy and Barolo), presenting you with an unparalleled opportunity to compare and contrast the wines of the world's two greatest winemaking countries. Spending a Saturday sipping wines from iconic and emblematic producers, nibbling on French and Italian foods, you'll see that the clear winner is you!
*Wine list to be announced.

Saturday, October 24 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $175.00
Join IWM as we host Alessia Antinori, winemaker and daughter of Marchese Piero Antinori, for a special winemaker lunch featuring the extraordinary wines of Tenuta di Fiorano, an estate with a long, storied past and a history of making some of Italy's most important, most collectable wines. In 1995, Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi, Alessia's grandfather, made his last vintage at Fiorano, pulling up all the vines except for a few rows of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and some white grape vines left on a caretaker's property. After inheriting a portion of the Prince's land following his death in 2005, Alessia took on the project of nursing these vines back to health, intent on making wine as her grandfather did--organically and with minimal intervention. This unique evening will present old vintages of Fiorano as well as offer a taste of Alessia's new bottlings from Fiorano's restored vineyards. It's a unique opportunity to experience Italian winemaking history with the winemaker herself, and it's only available at IWM, the world's leading authority in Italian wine.
*Wine list to be announced.

Monday, October 26 | 6:30-9:30 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $249.00
Early Bird Price: $229.00
Behind every great wine is a great winemaker, and the late Aldo Conterno was more than a great winemaker: he was a legend. Aldo Conterno Barolos invite you to linger over them and to attend to their every change as they reveal themselves in the glass, an ever-evolving kaleidoscope of flavors; this special dinner will give like-minded wine aficionados a chance to enjoy the highly lauded Granbussia 2006 as they get to know its maker, Franco Conterno, winemaker at Poderi Aldo Conterno and the son of Aldo Conterno, "The King of Barolo." Conterno's Barolos have earned their reputation for complexity, nuance, and finesse; they're mysterious, and this event gives you a chance to learn why--and how. IWM's own Chef Mike Marcelli will create a sumptuous five-course feast designed to complement Conterno's wines, including three vintages of Barolo Colonello, two of Cicala, one of Romirasco and one special Granbussia, along with other wines that show the breadth of this iconic estate. A treat for the senses, for the mind and for the spirit, this event will help you love Aldo Conterno's wines even more as you enjoy an intimate conversation with the man who creates them. Space is limited, so do reserve early.

Featured Menu & Wines:

Podere Aldo Conterno Langhe Chardonnay Bussiador 2012

Borlenghi - Chestnut Flour Crepe with a Garlic, Rosemary & Lardo Pesto
Arancini Piemontese - Rice Croquettes with Fontina & Ground Veal
Panissa  - Ligurian Chickpea Fritters 
Sbira - Honeycomb Tripe Braised in Tomato, Bone Marrow & 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano
Podere Aldo Conterno Langhe Rosso 2012

Bucatini all'amatriciana - Bronze-cut Pasta with Guanciale, Pecorino & Tomato
Podere Aldo Conterno Barolo 2011

Carne 1:
Bavette con verza sofegae - Wagyu Bavette with Roasted Cabbage, Brodo, Rosemary & Pancetta
Podere Aldo Conterno Colonello 2011
Podere Aldo Conterno Colonello 2009 (1.5L)

Carne 2:
Agnello al calderotto - Braised Lamb Shank with Creamy Polenta
Podere Aldo Conterno Cicala 2011
Podere Aldo Conterno Romirasco 2011

Podere Aldo Conterno Granbussia 2006

*Some wines may be subject to change.

Saturday, October 31 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Ticket Price: $79.00
In the US, they're called "orange wines," in Europe "skin-contact wines." Whichever terminology you use, they are all the fashion, which is a little ironic considering that this style of caramel colored wine made from white grapes date back thousands of years, originating in Armenia and Georgia. In many ways, the tale of orange wines goes hand-in-hand with the tale of natural wines; it's rare to find an orange wine made by a producer who doesn't abide by non-interventionist protocol, and indeed, the important producers of these wines in Italy hold a firm belief in non-interventionist agriculture and non-interventionist winemaking. Join IWM as we explore the wild, unique, unusual world of orange wines at this special tasting, accompanied by regional meats and cheeses. It's the perfect way to celebrate fall, welcome Halloween, and expand your palate with those white wines that "taste like a red."
*Wine list to be announced.

For more information, please visit our website Wine Events Page.