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Introducing the 2010 Bodega Chacra

The Best that Nature Can Do

Bodega Chacra 2010 Releases

A Note from Sergio

Piero Incisa della Rochetta is remarkably laid back. For all his dry sense of humor, he's one of those men who seems to accept things as they come, to exist in a state of Zen calm, and to take everything that happens as a learning experience. This kind of personality can serve winemakers especially well because so much is out of their hands--and in those of Mother Nature. Perhaps growing up the nephew of Nicolo Incisa della Rochetta and seeing the evolution of Sassicaia's wines year after year gave Piero a sense of acceptance, but he's become yet more relaxed, more assured, and more trusting of nature as the years have gone on.


And the wines he makes at his estate Bodega Chacra in Patagonia, Argentina reflect those changes.


In 2004, birds ate most of the grapes at Bodega Chacra. Piero took the loss as a chance to learn something new because, after all, he realized he couldn't control nature; he could only work with it. A winemaker who believes in the importance of nature taking its own course, Piero worked harder on his vineyards, and rather than being dissuaded by the 04 bird disaster, Piero grew more committed to his choice to grow biodynamically and to trust nature. He made sacrifices in the present for a pay-off in the future, trusting in his old vines and the tedious tasks of cutting, clipping and all the boring stuff of viticulture so that nature--and healthy vines--would reward his efforts.


In 2010, Piero got the chance to learn another lesson from nature. A freaky frost in the Cincuenta y Cinco vineyards did some minimal damage early on, but then a hailstorm hit just before harvest. The hail bounced off the healthy canopy of leaves, but the estate decided to harvest early, even if the grapes looked undamaged. This early harvest set the protocol for the rest of the vineyards. "The hail gave us a window into an unknown path--we followed the path the same road," Piero said. Nature led; he took a chance and followed.


It looks like he made a good choice. Since the early vintages of Bodega Chacra, the wines have evolved, integrated and come into their own. The early vintages were like gangly teenagers with great promise and captivating vitality, but the 2010 vintages stand like a man--integrated, seamless, relaxed and remarkable. They're like the guys you have dinner with and share those symphonic conversations that transition seamlessly between banter and philosophy, between joking and life. Nature was really good to Piero and Bodega Chacra in 2010, but that's kind of like saying that life was good to him too. Neither would be wrong.


I'm delighted to introduce to you the 2010 vintage of Bodega Chacra's Pinot Noirs--along with the 2009 Merlot Mainque. These Pinots are Piero's favorite vintage to date, and I can understand why. These are wines that speak softly and carry a really long-lasting finish. Coming in at under 12% alcohol, these are wines that put texture, experience and nuance over giant, pyrotechnic palates. They're subtle, interesting, and self-assured. These are a man's wines, in the best, most mature, and egoless way possible. Open a bottle and toast to change, to maturity and trusting in your ability to weather that which you cannot control.

My Best,


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Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Rio Negro Treinta y Dos 2010 750ml
Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Rio Negro Treinta y Dos 2010 750ml
Price: $119.00

The 2010 Pinot Noir Rio Negro Treinta y Dos is a perfect fit for Pinotphiles because of its purity, silky texture and lingering nuances of spice and earth, but it also offers classic Barolo enthusiasts a wine that privileges elegance and finesse over extraction and power. Savory herbs, warm earth, new leather and crushed rocks frame this wine’s sweet, lush red and blue fruits and its touches of melted chocolate, spice and cola. Grippy tannins, vivid acidity, and a sneaky spine of savory minerals offset the wine’s sweet fruits as it builds to a savory, dry crescendo. With an unprecedented alcohol level of less than 12%, the ’10 Treinta y Dos stands as its maker's favorite bottling to date. Planted in 1932, Treinta y Dos sports pebbly soils rich in clay and sand; biodynamically grown grapes ferment with natural yeasts in temperature-controlled tanks; the wine ages for two years in barriques (half new) before bottling without fining or filtration. more info
Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Rio Negro Cincuenta y Cinco 2010 750ml
Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir Rio Negro Cincuenta y Cinco 2010 750ml
Price: $59.99

The ‘10 Cincuenta y Cinco flows with a sinuous, delicate grace that builds power almost imperceptibly as it glides across your palate. Precise lines provide an exquisite skeleton for its crisp red fruits, underbrush, sweet baking spices, crushed rocks, and touches of pepper, blood orange and wildflowers. Dusty tannins meld seamlessly with kinetic acidity as elegant minerals power this wine’s extended finish--and with less than 12% alcohol, the wine allows you to enjoy it at length. Cincuenta y Cinco is a single-vineyard Patagonian Pinot Noir that derives from a biodynamically farmed 14-acre plot of vines planted in 1955--hence its name. Grapes ferment with natural yeasts in temperature-controlled tanks; the wine ages for 14 months in barriques, and it’s bottled without fining or filtration. About 700 cases made in 2010. more info