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Tenuta Tignanello Chianti Classico Riserva 2016 3L
Tenuta Tignanello Chianti Classico Riserva 2016 3L
Price: $209.99
Special Price: $159.99

Rich, expressive, and multi-layered, the ’16 Chianti Classico Riserva Tignanello radiates its excellent vintage in its transparency, energy and complexity. Peppery spices, melted chocolate, crushed river rocks, pressed violet petals, and a touch of espresso frame this wine’s sappy blue and snappy red fruits. On the palate, this ruby hued wine is a delectable confluence of contrasts--savory underpinnings complement sweet fruits, nervy acidity balances copious dry extracts, while fine-grained tannins cling to the cheeks and provide elegant structure. Chianti Classico doesn’t get much better than this Antinori bottling! A blend of 90% Sangiovese and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, the grapes derive from Antinori’s Tenuta Tignanello estate in the Chianti Classico production zone. The grapes for this wine ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel for about ten days; the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in French oak, and it ages for 14 months in a combination of French and Hungarian oak, followed by a year in bottle. more info
Chavy Chouet Puligny Montrachet Les Enseigneres 2017 3L
Chavy Chouet Puligny Montrachet Les Enseigneres 2017 3L
Price: $299.00
Special Price: $224.99

The product of a classic, sunny growing season, this ’17 Les Enseignères bursts from the glass in a shower of white stone fruits, quince, and pear that are framed with lime zest, acacia blossoms, and a touch of smoky minerals. This expressive wine relishes its tensions between its kinetic acidity and its dry extract, its sweet fruits and its savory minerality, and its nice weightiness and its inner lift. Although a village-level wine, Chavy-Chouet Puligny-Montrachet Les Enseignères has always been an insider’s wine because it lies directly beneath the grand cru Bienvenues-Bâtard-Montrachet and shares much of the same power, richness and style at a fraction of the price. Deriving from the estate’s 2.5-acre clay and limestone Les Enseignères plot with 65-year-old vines, this wine ferments in tank before aging in barrel, mostly new, for about a year before bottling without fining or filtration. While this wine can be enjoyed early, this Les Enseignères will only become more beautiful given some time in the cellar. more info
Chavy Chouet St Aubin 1er Cru Les Murgers des Dents de Chiens 2017 3L
Chavy Chouet St Aubin 1er Cru Les Murgers des Dents de Chiens 2017 3L
Price: $325.00
Special Price: $249.99

A remarkable, complex, and seductive wine, the ’17 St Aubin Murgers Dents de Chiens frames its juicy peaches and tantalizing pears with powerful aromas of crushed stones, pressed white flowers, warm butterscotch, and a touch of fresh loam. Chavy-Chouet’s St Aubin Murgers Dents de Chiens plot was forest until 1986, and the 2017 bottling shows how much can be accomplished in just a few decades. This wine’s effortless balance between its sweet fruits and its saline minerality, its acidic elegance, and its resonant finish are riveting. While you can drink this wine upon release, it has the stuffing to age for a decade, likely longer. Deriving from a pebbly, limestone-rich scant half-acre of 30-year-old vines located near the renowned Montrachet Grand Cru appellation, this wine ferments in tank before aging in barrel, 20% new, for about a year before bottling without fining or filtration. more info
Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino 2015 3L
Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino 2015 3L
Price: $649.00
Special Price: $574.99

With its cold weather followed by a hot summer and its extraordinarily long hang-time for grapes, 2015 saw a five-star Brunello vintage, and Valdicava’s superb Brunello gleams with the vintage’s beauty and thrills with its depth. Deeply perfumed, this wine leaps from the glass with a profusion of notes--super-ripe red and blue fruits, violet petals, fresh espresso, warm loam, truffles and new leather, to name a few. Wedding its luscious fruits, chewy tannins, and vivid acidity with impeccable balance, this Brunello shows tremendous finesse and aging potential. You’ll want to drink this wine right away, but a few years in the cellar will reveal the potential of this superstar bottling. Vincenzo Abbruzzese, owner and operator of Valdicava, works passionately, growing his grapes without pesticides, coaxing very high quality, very low yielding berries from his vines, which he then vinifies very traditionally with minimal use of barriques and almost entirely in large neutral oak botti. more info
Domaine Ponsot Morey St Denis Blanc 1er Cru Monts Luisants Pressee du Centenaire 2011
Domaine Ponsot Morey St Denis Blanc 1er Cru Monts Luisants Pressee du Centenaire 2011 3L
Price: $2,125.00
Special Price: $1,299.99

Warm baking spices, crushed river rocks, lemon peel, and white flowers frame the orchard fruits in this broad-shouldered and beautifully textured ’11 Morey-St-Denis Clos des Monts Luisants. 2011 saw the centennial of Domaine Ponsot’s exceptional Aligoté Clos des Monts vineyard; the ’11 Morey-St-Denis Blanc Clos des Monts Luisants is a towering tribute to this extraordinary monopole. This wine slides across the palate with the texture of silk brocade, energized by its sturdy mineral core, and it builds to a balanced, lingering finish that clings to the palate, satisfyingly. Deriving from a 2.5-acre monopole of rare hundred-year-old Aligoté vines situated at the peak of the slope, the grapes for this wine ferment in open, temperature-controlled vats, and the wine ages in oak, almost always used, for two years. more info
Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco Asili Riserva 2014 3L
Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco Asili Riserva 2014 3L
Price: $1,999.99
Special Price: $1,499.99

2014 saw a wet, chilly, challenging growing year in Piemonte, but Giacosa’s ‘14 Barbaresco Asili Riserva shows that great winemakers can make great--even iconic--wines in “off” vintages. Extraordinarily perfumed, the ’14 Barbaresco Asili Riserva wafts with kaleidoscopic scents: juicy red fruits, brambly berries, freshly tilled loam, crushed violet petals, and sprinklings of herbs, crushed rocks and baking spices. The wine’s palate echoes this mesmerizing complexity, shifting with every moment to reveal a progression of intense, detailed notes. Fine-grained yet substantial tannins, solid acidity, and a linear structure argue for aging, but in time, this Barbaresco Riserva will be astonishing.  The cru Barbaresco Asili comes from the first vines Bruno Giacosa purchased in this region; however, beginning in 2007, Giacosa incorporated his parcel known as Rabaja into his Asili bottling, and this rich, opulent, and complex expression has grown yet more layered and nuanced. In 2014, the grapes for Barbaresco Asili Riserva macerated in stainless steel for about two weeks, and the wine aged for 32 months in barrel, followed by about 18 months in bottle. more info
Gaja Barbaresco 1974
Gaja Barbaresco 1974 3.78L
Price: $1,799.00
Special Price: $1,599.99

While rooted in the tradition of the Langhe, Angelo Gaja has enriched this foundation with an openminded sensibility that marries traditional practices and technological innovation, thereby extending Piemonte’s international reach. His philosophy recognizes the Nebbiolo grape’s inherent capacity for creative expression, which enables it to accommodate the market’s desire for both oak-driven and tannic styles. (That said, however, it is important to note that his wines are never obfuscated by over-extraction or oak.) Though he has his detractors, their opposition has proved innocuous, as Gaja’s wines rival the world’s most acclaimed and sought-after bottlings. While regarded as expensive on release, they continue to appreciate, trading at premium prices and invariably elevating the price standard in Piemonte.

The Gaja estate’s qualitative supremacy and cachet are not solely attributable to Angelo. In fact, his father’s 1961 Barbaresco may be the most profound bottling of its designation ever to be produced. The Gaja name represents a legacy of quality that has evolved since the family emigrated from Spain over 300 years ago. Angelo maintained his family’s high standards of production while inaugurating a new stylistic direction—more often than not through measures that incited controversy. Foremost among these was his inaugural use of barrique in the vinification of his 1975 Barbaresco cuvee. Gaja is widely credited with having instituted this practice, the objective of which is to soften the formidable tannins of the Nebbiolo grape, thereby producing a wine that is richer and more concentrated in its fruit expression than traditional models. Other early efforts included the reduction of crop size, shortened pruning of Nebbiolo vines, and decreased fermentation periods.

The 1967 debut release of Sorì San Lorenzo began his pioneering work with the vinification of single-vineyard wines. This was succeeded by two additional crus, Sorì Tildin (1970) and Costa Russi (1978), both of which derive from the Roncagliette Vineyard. Each member of this legendary trio is both recognized for achieving a substantive period of maturation and avidly sought on the collector’s market, where all invariably enjoy a substantive degree of appreciation. Gaja didn’t stop there, however, going on to defy Piemonte’s varietal protocol by relaunching Cabernet Sauvignon’s presence in the region after nearly a century-long absence, a revolutionary act captured in the vineyard’s name, Darmagi— meaning "what a pity" the expression his father would utter when he passed by the spot, formerly a Nebbiolo site. He continued to elicit unrest and disapprobation through his dedicated planting of Chardonnay in the Gaia & Rey Vineyard (1981), the source of his now famous eponymous bottling. This was followed shortly thereafter by a vineyard for Sauvignon Blanc—Alteni di Brassica.

As controversial as these acts may have been on an insular level, they ultimately constituted the fountainhead of Piemonte’s emergence on the world scene. Gaja didn’t merely implement modern approaches, he actively sought to draw attention to the Piemonte he was refashioning through savvy marketing techniques. In so doing, he fashioned an attractive, worldly identity for Piemonte in general and Barbaresco in particular, the latter of which had no identity to speak of in the late 1960s. Through it all, Gaja has steadfastly maintained a passionate commitment to fashioning a traditional Barbaresco cuvee—a profound homage to both his grandfather and father—that remains a defining expression in the genre. He also possesses property in the La Morra and Serralunga areas of Barolo, the sources, respectively, of his Conteisa and Sperss Nebbiolo Langhe bottlings.
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Antinori Solaia 2016 3L
Antinori Solaia 2016 3L
Price: $2,499.99
Special Price: $1,799.99

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Gaja Costa Russi Barbaresco 2013 3L
Gaja Costa Russi Barbaresco 2013 3L
Price: $2,399.99
Special Price: $2,099.99

Dark, juicy red and blue fruits rest in a framework of crushed lavender and roses, sun-warmed earth, wet river rocks, baking spices and cherry cordial in the stellar ’13 Costa Russi. Terrifically structured, this wine shows firm, sophisticated tannins offset by energetic acidity; deceptively powerful, this wine builds to a lingering, satisfying crescendo. The 11-acre Costa Russi vineyard, which sits alongside Sorì Tildìn in Roncagliette, takes its name from the word “costa,” which is the side of a hill that faces the sun and “Russi,” the name of the vineyard’s former owners. A mono-varietal Nebbiolo since 2013, the grapes for this wine ferment in temperature-controlled stainless steel; then the wine ages in a year each of barrique and botti before bottling. more info
Giacomo Conterno Barolo Cerretta 2010
Giacomo Conterno Barolo Cerretta 2010 3L
Price: $2,779.00
Special Price: $2,299.99

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