New Arrival. One of Italy’s Finest Red Producers - You May Not Know - Delivers “An Aglianico of Grace.” The Age-Worthy Volcanic Red Impresses Today and Remains a Rare Collectible Value Under $40. Just 10 Cases.

“Simply put, Elena Fucci is one of Italy’s finest red wine producers and has been at the top of the country’s quality pyramid since they started making wine in 2000.” - Vinous

Here is a little giant of a wine that brings back some IWM memories. It is an oldie, and a goodie, that we have not carried in more than a decade. It is the the prized Aglianco of Elena Fucci from the remote region of Basilicata. It is one of those unique values that gets you excited about Italy’s ancient varietals and remote regions, sending you to the volcanic soils of Mount Vulture in one sniff and sip. That is exactly what happened last week when the IWM Team tasted the explosive grand cru of Basilicata and the “Nebbiolo of the South” – the 2017 Elena Fucci Aglianico del Vulture Titolo! One of southern Italy’s great collectible wines for under $40.

If you appreciate Italy’s wealth of indigenous varietals, you know that Aglanico reaches its heights in the neighboring region of Campania’s Taurasi. It is here that Masterbardino brought the ancient grape to its noble status. And while Aglianico may reach its pinnacle expression in Taurasi, there is something to say about the contending Aglianico de Vulture DOCG, and that begins with the historic estate of Paternoster, and the more recent rising star of Elena Fucci.

It is here on the rugged, sparsely populated countryside of Basilicata that the extinct Vulture volcano is home to the tiny artisan Elena Fucci, where it overlooks the vineyards of Paternoster. In fact, before Elena Fucci began bottling their own wines, the grapes were sold to the fabled neighbor. However, for the past twenty years this small six-hectare plot of 60-75 year-old-vines, planted on volcanic ash and lava soil (known as locally pozzolana), at 650 meters of altitude has been the single source for the prized Basilicata cru - Titolo. It is worth noting that these are some of Italy’s highest vineyards and some of the last vineyards to be picked on the entire peninsula. And while many of the wines of the region have earned a reputation for their rustic and tannic nature, the focus at Fucci is one of awesome texture, balance, and refinement. Decanter Magazine may have said it best, “It is an Aglianico of grace - the feminine interpretation of a masculine grape.”

We believe the 2017 Elena Fucci Aglianico del Vulture Titolo might just one of her finest expression in twenty years, challenging the IWM original of 2001. In fact, we have not carried this Italian staple in more than 12 years, that is how excited we are about this overachiever. This is another one of those tiny artisanal Italian estates, located in a remote area where your car is likely to get stopped by a shepherd walking a flock of sheep on a visit, that we love to share. A mere 2,000 cases are produced for the entire world, with just a handful arriving to the US. This is the wine we want to grab first once the warm sun is out and the grill is on.

FEATURED WINE: Debut of Elena Fucci from the Volcanic Soils of Mount Vulture (ORDER HERE)

There is a lot to say about this special wine and remote region. No one can describe it better than Elena Fucci herself…“One of the greatest compliments given to the "TITOLO" is its recognizability among other wines; recognizability that is based on the representation of the territory from which it comes. Whoever comes to visit the winery and the company will visit southern Italian vineyards located in a mountainous, inland area at an altitude of 600 meters. They will visit a type of volcanic terrain, a strong mineral soil, dark in color and pozzolanic, which clearly catalogues in its layers the history and life of the Vulture volcano (walking between the rows one can always see the extinct Mount Vulture volcano just a few hundred meters away, an ancient volcano which gave rise to the lava cliffs upon which my vines, house and town of Barile are located). One can note the eruptive phases composed of lava flows, lapilli and ash, interspersed with periods of stasis composed of layers of clay. All of this is reflected in the glass when you savor the bouquet and taste the wine.”


Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “The mouth-filling Titolo is softer and less aggressive than Taurasi and the more traditional offerings of Paternoster, which generally carry more tannic muscle. However, the dark Titolo has some grip and muscle that screams Aglianco from Mount Vulture. The generous palate delivers nuances of black cherries, wild berries, black licorice, grilled herbs, and crushed rocks. There are cool hints of smoke, pepper and graphite signifying the influence from the volcanic soils of the vineyard. What stands out from the warm vintage is the freshness and vibrancy, yet it is all wrapped in a velvet jacket. Fun wine that showcases its terroir with approachability and ageability. This is the wine I want by the grill when the weather does finally turn warm. Let this wine breathe and pair with red meat for a transporting experience.”

Vinous: Good dark red. Perfumed aromas of red berry liqueur and ripe red cherry are lifted by pungent medicinal herbs and complemented by sexy vanilla and spice tones. Full-bodied yet delicate, with a fine-grained personality and compelling sweetness on the suave finish. This is aged 12 months in 50% new and 50% used French oak barriques.”

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