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Aldo Conterno Barolo Granbussia Riserva:
[ahl-do kon-tehr-no g(l)rahn-boos-syah(l)]

Barolo Granbussia Riserva is the most traditional of Aldo Conterno’s offerings and vies with his late brother's Barolo Monfortino Riserva for positioning as Italy's most significant Barolo. Though Aldo’s style of winemaking is by no means modern, a comparison to his brother’s Monfortino illustrates the direction in which Barolo is progressing. Aldo Conterno is regarded as the “King of Barolo” for his rare and elusive ability to strike a blance between traditional and modern orientations, applying tchnology in a manner that supports the retention of Nebbiolo’s character while crafting wine with a broader appeal.

The 1970 debut bottling was sourced from grapes in the Colonnello and Cicala vineyards in the commune of Monforte d'Alba; Conterno altered the composition significantly with the 1985 vintage, introducing the Romirasco vineyard as the primary, defining source (70 percent) and reducing the contribution of the Colonnello and Cicala vineyards (15 percent each). While this remains the general blending formula, the nuances of a given vintage are recognized and articulated through appropriate alterations.

After the individual sources are fermented and aged for a period of 32 to 36 months in traditional Slavonian oak, the components are assembled and aged for an additional year and a half or two. The maturation period (in both cask and bottle) comprises six years in total; thus, it is unique among the wines of its designation, being released one year after its fellow Barolos of the vintage.

The Cicala Vineyard is situated on concave slopes that range in aspect from south to southwest and are sheltered from hazardous winds. Grapes benefit here from a clay-based soil that offers lime and calcium carbonate, generating a bold, ageworthy wine that is tempered by the attributes of the Colonnello and Romirasco sites. The sandy soil and younger vines of the Romirasco Vineyard provide for softness and elegance, as does the similar but more proportioned Colonnello, which combines the balance and refinement of wines from the Barolo subzone with the weight and structure of those from Serralunga.

This wine is produced exclusively in the best vintages. It is significant to note that Conterno made Granbussia only eight times between 1971 and 1994.
  Wine: Barolo Riserva
Producer: Aldo Conterno
Varietal(s): Nebbiolo
Region: Piemonte
Province: Cuneo
Commune: Monforte d'Alba
Vineyard(s): Romirasco, Colonnello, Cicala
Altitude: 420 meters
Exposure: South-Southwest
Classification: Barolo DOCG
First Year: 1970
Bottle Production: 6,500 - 8,000 bottles

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