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The “Sassicaia of Sardegna,” Agricola Punica’s Gorgeous 2013 Barrua
April 1, 2019
A Note from Sergio

Sitting in the center of Mediterranean trade routes, Sicilia and Sardegna have a long and complicated history--Greeks, Byzantines, Goths, Spaniards, French, and British have conquered and reconquered the two islands. But while both islands have a rich history when it comes to wine, and the history of winemaking in Sardegna reaches, if possible, even further back than that of neighboring Sicilia. The smaller and more remote of these two islands, Sardegna has maintained a distinct culture from not only Sicilia but from Italy. Perhaps nothing illustrates the uniqueness of Sardegna as much as its indigenous grapes that DNA testing has suggested might just be the oldest grape varietals in the world--moreover, grapes like Cannonau and Carignano aren't merely very old; they're also among the healthiest for you. Maybe that's why the people of Sardegna are among the longest-living folks in the world. And, for what it's worth, these two grapes make a delicious wine.

Today, I'm delighted to present a new allocation of Agricola Punica's spellbinding 2013 Barrua, a wine that comes from the makers of Sassicaia and the wild soils of Sardegna. This big red blends the rustic power of the island with Sassicaia's aristocratic elegance for a wine that's seriously compelling. You know a wine is going to be special when it was created by the late, great Giacomo Tachis, the enologist behind Sassicaia (along with Tignanello, Solaia, Guado al Tasso and other Super-Tuscan icons). Tachis began visiting Sardegna for fun in the sun, but he quickly saw that the island had everything it needed to make exceptional wines. Tachis, who passed away about three years ago, convinced his friends at Tenuta San Guido to back his vision, and Agricola Punica's Barrua is the happy product.

The 2013 Barrua floods the senses with juicy fruits, wild herbs, warm earth, and the heat of the Sardinian sun. It's a perfect wine to pour with steaks off the grill in summer or with roasted meats in winter--and it's great with hard cheeses, rich stews, or any dish calling out for a spicy, bold and honest wine. I think you'll love it.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito