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Benchmark Brunello Mags from Gaja! Miani’s Cult Refosco! And Gaia & Rey Sale!
April 2, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

This past week, I brought you a Rosso di Montalcino from the region's north from Livio Sassetti's Pertimali estate, two Brunellos from Poggio di Sotto in Montalcino's south, completing two parts of Montalcino's three sections. Today, I'm delighted to complete the circle as I offer two more Brunellos from central Montalcino--these from Angelo Gaja's Pieve Santa Restituta.

Brunello DOCG begins around the hilltop town of Montalcino. With La Croce just below it and Tavernelle to the west, the Montalcino central subzone forms the traditional heart of Brunello. Sporting the highest vineyards, these estates' altitudes provide the perfect habitat for aromatic, structured and long-aging wines--though producers' vinification techniques play a big part. This region is the home to the estate that started it all, Biondi-Santi's Il Greppo, and given that this estate set the standard for wines that balance serious tannins with fresh acidity, it makes sense that many of the surrounding estates follow suit. The central region isn't just home to Biondi-Santi; it's also the home of Il Palazzone, Case Basse di Soldera, and Pieve Santa Restituta, Gaja's home in Montalcino since the mid-1990s.

Today, I'm very pleased to present Pieve Santa Restituta Rennina, a multi-site wine that's more genial and lush, and Sugarille, a cru that tends towards restraint and great aromatics, both from the benchmark vintage of 2006, and both in magnum format. It's hard to find wines that blend approachability with longevity better than these, but then they come from the king of contradictions himself, Angelo Gaja.

Alongside these Gaja Brunellos, I'm very happy to offer an unusual wine from his home turf of Piemonte, his Chardonnay Gaia & Rey. This is the wine that Angelo poured to win hearts and minds over to Piemonte wines, and these nineteen vintages of Gaia & Rey will prove to you why his tactic worked. Finally, I'm delighted to offer a singular wine from Miani, the estate's 1998 Refosco Calvari. There are cult wines--and then there's Miani. This Calvari will inspire instant devotion.


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Cult Classic, Miani Calvari 1998
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Fiorano No. 47 Semillon 1988 750ml
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