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2011 Le Macchiole Messorio Release and Vintage Messorio! Classic Jacques Selosse!
April 21, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

I've often written about the strength of Italian women. Italy might have a reputation for being a country full of macho men, but it's Italian women who really hold it together. I don't have to look much further than Le Macchiole's Cinzia Merli as an illustration of the truth of this statement. In 2002 when her husband Eugenio Campolmi died far too early at the age of 40, Cinzia found herself both the head of a winery and of a family, two sons who were just boys then and are young men now. In the past decade and change, this strong Italian woman has brought Le Macchiole to global recognition, and she has done it using what she learned as a mother.

When you talk to Cinzia, you quickly learn that she understands her wines as children. "All my wines are my creation, like my sons," she says. "Because I spend a lot of time to create, to change, to educate them, like a child. It's the same." To make her wine, Cinzia says she uses "Sensibility, attention, and respect of the characters." These are wines that are different every year because every year, Cinzia learns something new, sometimes storing that information for years, other times implementing changes in order to coax the best from her grapes.

Today, I'm proud to bring you two vintages of Le Macchiole's extraordinary Merlot bottling, Messorio--one is a new release from the warm 2011 vintage, and the other dates back to 2000, during the lifetime of Eugenio Campolmi. Together, these two wines offer a perspective on the past and the future of Le Macchiole, and together they will amaze you. They're alike in that you can taste the estate's terroir, the purity of the Merlot, and the attention of their makers, but they're different too, just as you are both the same as and different from the person you were a decade ago.

Share a bottle with someone you've known for a decade or more--or just pop a bottle of the Jacques Selosse Champagne I'm also offering. Celebrate your life!

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