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Benchmark $70 Antinori Brunello! Classy Seghesio ’12 Barolo! And Unique Alpine Nebbiolo!
April 25, 2018
A Note from Sergio

Some people like to clean in the spring, but I prefer to have fun. As I travel around Italy (and, indeed, around the world), I try to find wines that will impress, wines that will rest in cellars until the right moment arrives, wines that you can pull and pop on a Tuesday night, and perfect wines that can get the party going. Wine brings people together, I have always said, and today I'm very happy to bring you four red wines that will surprise, delight, and satisfy just about anyone.

First, there's the newly released 2013 Brunello from Antinori's Pian delle Vigne estate in Montalcino. While you have undoubtedly drunk Antinori wine from its estates in Chianti or in Bolgheri, you might have overlooked its Brunello. You shouldn't. Antinori has made its name on crafting wines that seamlessly marry Italian style with New World approachability, and the '13 Brunello offered today crackles, thrums, sings and glides across the palate--it's a sheer pleasure to drink.

The other three wines are all Nebbiolo, but they are not your usual suspects. There is a Barolo, but Renzo Seghesio bends tradition, and the estate's 2012 Barolo Ginestra just about oozes out of the glass with richness and flavor. Finally, I chose two Nebbiolo releases from Mamete Prevostini, a small family-run producer high up in the Dolomites in Lombardia. Alpine Nebbiolo is a whole other animal, and these two wines are deceptively powerful, fine-boned beauties. Don't miss them!


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito