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New Arrivals. The Mind-bending Crus from the Barolo Patriarch. Value Begins at Less Than $45!
April 28, 2020

New Arrivals. Our Barolo Super Cuvée Value Under $43! Highlights from the Historic Cannubi Vineyard and the Grand Cru-Like Barolo of Castiglione Falletto from the Langhe Patriarch Paolo Scavino!

“In so many ways, 2016 is all about being in the right place at the right time for Barolo…the vintage is full of truly spectacular, breathtaking wines that capture all the pedigree that Nebbiolo and Barolo are capable of.” - Antonio Galloni

Enrico Scavino echoed this sentiment stating of 2016, “it's the best vintage I have ever made.” That’s a powerful statement coming from Barolo royalty! No doubt about it; all eyes are deservingly on the late-ripening 2016 vintage from the Langhe Hills. The classic year is already being compared to the epic performances set in 2010 and 2013 — and for good reason. We might add that there is more balance and generosity of fruit here and less austerity, thanks to the long growing season. The IWM team has been tasting through, and certainly, the greatness of the 2016 vintage is best captured with the mind-bending 2016 Scavino Bric dël Fiasc. As you may know, the Barolo of Scavino are true pillars of Italian Wine Merchants, and once again, the pioneering grand cru-like icon of Castiglione Falletto combines power with finesse; it is a MUST BUY from 2016.

If you love Barolo, the wines of Paolo Scavino need no introduction. This is simply one of the legendary and pioneering producers of Barolo and is fittingly placed in Sergio Esposito’s memoir, Passion on the Vine. What makes these wines so unique is the way that Enrico Scavino (along with his daughters Enrica and Elisa) interpret the noble Nebbiolo, along with his single-vineyard holdings, which are some of the most historic and prestigious in Barolo. However, Scavino's great single-vineyard expressions go well beyond Bric dël Fiasc, and today we are including Prapo and the fabled Cannubi bottling. There is something magical about a wine from the historic and prized Cannubi vineyard; ears perk up much in the way a Burghead may respond to Montrachet. And with good reason, the vineyard dates back to 1752 and has delivered some of the most legendary Barolos of the region.

But the focus of today’s offer begins with what is arguably one of the best values in Barolo — the 2016 Scavino Barolo Classico. This super cuvée represents the history and tradition of blending different Nebbiolo crus in order to create a house style. Scavino employs the same care and quality work in this wine as in all of the estate's cru Barolo. This cuvée is sourced from the top-performing plots of seven single vineyards in the villages of Castiglione Falletto, Barolo, and Serralunga d’Alba. Expectations have been high since we tasted the 2016 Scavino Langhe Nebbiolo more than two years ago. That same explosive purity of fruit, depth and elegance of the Scavino house style is packed in here. This wine single-handedly captures the vintage and gets us excited about what is to come! We emphatically recommend loading up on cases as this wine is accessible and approachable on the palate and in the pocket. Delizioso!!!


However, in tasting through the Scavino line up it was not just the 2016 that stopped us in our tracks. In celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Scavino winery, Enrico has released a limited production bottling, the 2011 Paolo Scavino Barolo Riserva Novantesimo. We had the opportunity to taste the wine with Elisa Scavino recently , and once again, we can tell you this wine was stunning. Best of all, with the ripeness of the 2011 vintage, the wine offered approachability, with the full flavor spectrum that only the noble Nebbiolo can capture — red fruit, citrus, tea, crushed roses, cinnamon, tobacco, leather, and herbs. This is an absolutely stunning Barolo. Unfortunately, just a handful of bottles are arriving in the US. We are pleased to present nine bottles of the new arrival, alongside what will be legends in the making from 2016!


2016 Scavino Barolo
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “Delizioso is the best word in describing this feminine Barolo from Scavino. Our expectations for this pedigreed Barolo Classico have been high ever since we were floored by their simple 2016 Langhe Nebbiolo more than two years ago. The super cuvee is sourced from the top performing plots of seven single vineyards in the village of Castiglione Falletto (Rocche Moriondino, Vignolo and Pernanno vineyards), Barolo (Albarella, Terlo and Vignane vineyards) and Serralunga d’Alba (San Bernardo vineyard). One quick pull of the cork and the aromatics grab you from across the table and transport you to the Langhe Hills. On the palate, this wine integrates magically with a recommended two hour decant. Expect explosive notes of black cherry, wild berries, muddled raspberries, a touch of citrus and punch, red licorice, brown spice, sweet tobacco, and eucalyptus. This is another Scavino Barolo that has the delicious factor and is approachable today. Just a super friendly bottle of Barolo from the standout vintage. Burgundian-like in style, it is hard not to enjoy this wine today. Serve at cellar temperature.” 4/2020

2016 Scavino Barolo Bric dël Fiasc
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “To no surprise, it was the grand cru-like Bric dël Fiasc that knocked our socks off in tasting through the 2016 lineup from Scavino, alongside the cru Prado and straight Barolo Normale that remains one of the great values and introductions to the King of Wines. For IWM, the Bric dël Fiasc is one of the pillars of Italian Wine Merchants and Passion on the Vine; it should be purchased in every vintage, and not just the benchmark in the making 2016. The wine is part of the fabric of Barolo. Following the death of their father, Alfonso and Paolo Scavino divided their father’s vineyard holdings in the commune of Castiglione Falletto. Paolo chose an eponymous title for his estate, which included a two-hectare plot in Falletto’s Fiasco cru known as Bric dël Fiasc, situated in Castiglione Falletto. Fiasco rests at an altitude of 260 meters and its soil is predominantly tufa-based, featuring a combination of silt-sand and marl. While established in 1921, the site was first represented via a single-vineyard bottling in 1978, a production Paolo undertook at the behest of his son, Enrico. Bric dël Fiasc characteristically is a classic expression of Nebbiolo that requires time to develop all its complexity. The texture characterizes this Barolo: earthy imprint, density of fruit, vibrant and refined tannins. The acidity supports the important structure of this Barolo and lifts the nose, which is complex, mineral, balsamic. Nuances of red fruits and licorice are typical. This is the most sophisticated Bric dël Fiasc we have tasted since the 2004.” 03/2020

2011 Scavino Barolo Riserva Novantesimo
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: “Tasted three times. Antonio Galloni called the Scavino Barolo Riserva Novantesimo one of the wines of the vintage and once again he is correct. This super-cuvée celebrates the 90th anniversary of the winery, and it derives from the best fruit from the Scavino vineyard sites in Fiasco (Castiglione Falletto), Monvigliero (Verduno), Cannubi and Vignane (Barolo), San Bernardo (Serralunga), Bricco Ambrogio (Roddi) and Rocche dell’Annunziata (La Morra). With the ripeness of the 2011 vintage, the wine offers silky approachability, with the full flavor spectrum that only the noble Nebbiolo can capture — dried red fruit, a touch of citrus, nuances of tea, brown spices, tobacco, leather, and smoke. This is an absolutely stunning Barolo with early access for today that celebrates one of the great names in Barolo. Cheers to the Scavino family on 90+ years of inspiring us.” 03/2020

Monica Larner, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: “The 2011 Barolo Riserva Novantesimo is a proud and exuberant wine that does enormous justice to the vintage and to the mighty Nebbiolo grape. This is remembered as a warm growing season, and this wine is richly layered, generous and beautifully intense as a result. Dark cherry aromas are folded within spice, cured tobacco and leather. The best part is that subtle crunch or snap you get on the palate, thanks to the fresh acidity that is neatly integrated within.”

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