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Revisiting Old Favorites: Collectable Quintarelli Baby Amarone, Benchmark Cerbaiona, and the Nebbiolo of the South

April 29, 2013
A Note from Sergio


The wines of Giuseppe Quintarelli demand the fervor of Masseto, embody the magic of Fiorano's forgotten wines, and merit the respect of Bartolo Mascarello. They have always sat among IWM's fastest selling wines--which, when you consider the price that Quintarelli Amarone command, is saying something. They are, after all, the most sought after and hardest to find wines in all of Italy--if not the world. And today, a year after the passing of the Master of the Veneto, they're getting even more difficult to secure.


Today, I'm proud to reissue the 2002 Rosso del Bepi. It's a wine that, at its core, is a Quintarelli Amarone. Giuseppe made it the same way that he made all his Amarone, from the same grapes, taking the same painstaking care and using the same excruciating patience. But because he wasn't satisfied with the outcome, he didn't call it an Amarone. Giuseppe declassified it, making it an IGT wine, and named it after himself, Rosso del Bepi, something that he'd done in only three vintages before. It's a wine that's still a rocket ship, but it's an affordable ride, compared to Quintarelli's other stratospheric Amarone, and like all this great winemaker's other wines, its supply is dwindling quickly.


This offer is completed with two other re-issues. Delicious wines deserve to be visited again and again, and Cerbaiona 2007 Brunello and De Conciliis 2006 Naima are certainly delicious. This is IWM's second allocation of the '07 Cerbaiona Brunello, a wine that even that contentious region's winemakers agree is exceptional, and I'm certain it'll go as fast as the first. Down in Campania Bruno De Conciliis is as esoteric and bold-spirited as Cerbiaona's "Commander" in Montalcino. Visit Bruno in his cellar, and you'll hear jazz echoing off the walls. It's what makes his wines happy, he says, and they certainly taste it. 


Revisit one or more of these IWM favorites when you gather your old friends together. Make new memories, talk about old times, and share the love.

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My Best, 



Sergio Esposito

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