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New 2014 Guado al Tasso Release! Vintage Cru Amarone! And Must-Have Vigna d’Alceo!
April 4, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Some great winemakers make a wine and it's etched in stone. It's the way they make it, and they're never going to revise their process. Other winemakers are ceaseless, restless tinkerers. The Antinori family of estates, led by Piero Antinori, his three daughters, and Renzo Cotarella, has always been spurred by a pioneering spirit. This need to innovate is what pushed them to create Super-Tuscan wines in the 1970s, what pushed them to expand their winemaking beyond the borders of Italy, what pushed them to create their great Chardonnay wine, Cervaro, in Umbria, what pushed them to build his extraordinary subterranean winery in Toscana, and what pushed this great ancient winemaking family to never sit on its laurels. Antinori never rests, and its wines are consistent knockouts.

Today, I'm proud to debut the 2014 vintage of Guado al Tasso's flagship wine, Guado al Tasso Bolgheri Superiore. It's the product of Piero Antinori's restless reinvention and weird, challenging weather that forced the Guado al Tasso team to solve one problem after another. One solution to the many issues that arose in 2014 is that this Guado al Tasso lacks its customary Petit Verdot component. You won't miss it. This flagship wine that is perfumed, precise, and silky--and it's got that Antinori structure that will keep you reaching for this bottle for years to come. You won't taste the work that went into this wine. All you'll taste is the effortless elegance that draws you back to Antinori's wines, over and over.

Along with this new Antinori release, I'm delighted to present a back vintage of Brigaldara's cru Case Vecie Amarone. 2004 is a benchmark vintage for Veneto wines, and this '04 Case Vecie Amarone is a hedonistic pleasure that flows with precision and nuance. It's kind of like watching a model walk in a couture silk gown. You don't know how all those seams come together to make it move with such rich beauty; you're just happy to enjoy it. Finally, I managed to score a new allocation of Castello dei Rampolla's 2009 Vigna d'Alceo. If you've had this wine before, you know how delicious it is, and if you haven't, you want to jump on it. Castello dei Rampolla makes two of the best under-the-radar Super Tuscans available today, and this '09 Vigna d'Alceo is outstanding.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito