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Two Outrageous Tenuta Ornellaia Wines! And Perfect, Pristine Vintage George Noëllat!
April 5, 2016
A Note from Sergio

Owned by the Frescobaldi family, Ornellaia is a big estate, one that unfolds across many well-coiffed acres, spanning land and running up hills to its legendary plot Masseto, arguably the best Merlot in Italy, that sits up above it all like a sentinel. You drive through the estate, and it's a wonder of efficiency, planning and order. But as with so many Italian producers, Ornellaia is iconoclastic. Sure, it shows the gleam and the sleek lines of a corporation, but it still holds a very personal edge. It's clearly a community. As you approach the cellar, you see the name of the winery spelled out in five-foot tall flower vines. It's a sign of the humanity that drives this winery, something that's reinforced by the entryway to the cellar, decorated by four ceramic fountains made by a local artist, each one depicting the four seasons as interpreted by wine. 
It's an eclectic, exuberant atmosphere that complements the James Bond styling of the wine cellar itself, a great expanse of shining stainless steel, glass and mechanized ballet of people busy doing their jobs. Ornellaia feels like an ideal convergence of the natural world, the necessary mechanics, the corporate entity, and the human touch. And this ideal convergence helps to explain why year in and year out, the estate makes wines that seem to reach out and pull you by your ears to the glass.

Today, I'm very pleased to bring you a pair of wines from Tenuta dell'Ornellaia. First, I'm proud to offer a new allocation of 2009 Ornellaia, the flagship wine of this estate and the one we're featuring today. This Super-Tuscan wine is well known to you, and this vintage balances opulence with architectural lines; just coming into its drinking window, it's outrageously good. Then, I'm delighted to present the 2013 Le Volte, the entry-level wine from the estate. It's delicious, no surprise from this estate that consistently crafts wines that make you want more the moment you've finished a bottle. 

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My Best, 

Sergio Esposito