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Flash Sale – Old World Charm Under $23 and Direct from 140+ Year-Old Cellar with Age. (24 Hours Only.)
August 13, 2020

Flash Sale - Direct from the Patriarch of Traditional Rioja and the 140+ Year-Old Cellar in Haro with Nearly A Decade of Age and Under $23! It’s the Gran Reserva in Crianza Clothes. Best Pricing - 24 Hours Only!!

Here for now...but gone in a flash!

It’s IWM’s Flash Offer of the Day. The way it works is simple, great wine at a great price (best price country, if not pretty darn close to it) and a short description on why else you should buy this featured wine on this balmy summer day. Today, we are celebrating the region of Rioja by debuting one of its iconic labels and our favorite old-world expressions – the López de Heredia Viña Cubillo from 2011. This is a wine that commands more than $30 elsewhere, and at IWM’s Flash Sale price of just $22.99 when you buy six bottles or more, this is one of the greatest values in all of wine.

There is something magical about a visit to the ancient winemaking village of Haro and the fabled catacombs of López de Heredia. No other winery invokes the heritage and prestige induced by R. López de Heredia. It is technically the single vineyard Gran Reserva that is sold under the simpler Crianza label and classification at under $23 a bottle! This is old-vine, high altitude Tempranillo and it is a wine where limestone and terruño speak through the layers of fruit and tertiary notes that cover the flavor spectrum. It truly is something only the historic 140+ year-old traditional patriarch of Rioja could deliver, and that is Bodega López de Heredia’s unwavering commitment to quality and delivering wines with age to the market with unparalleled provenance.

This is one of those unique finds in the world of wine today; the current vintage of Viña Cubillo is 2011 and it arrives to us with nearly ten years of age direct from the medieval, cob-webbed cellars in Haro. To help put this in perspective, realize that many Bodegas are currently releasing their 2015 Reserva or even their 2014 Gran Reserva at $30, $40 and $60 dollars a bottle, yet, López de Heredia is releasing their Crianza with nearly a decade of age at a fraction of the price. We uncorked the Viña Cubillo once again and we are now celebrating this ready-to-impress, old school Rioja at just $22.99 - when you purchase six bottles or more! This is what great traditional Rioja is all about. Sure, it has its 95 point accolades, but take our word for it – we sit with the wine for 24 hours, have it with food, friends, and conversation and it's not just a sip that may define what people think about the wine. Experience it for yourself.

In many ways this Bodega is the “Bartolo Mascarello of Rioja,” the symbol for traditional Rioja. In fact, an aged López de Heredia Rioja possesses many characteristics similar to an aged Mascarello Barolo – a little more delicate, it is a wine of finesse that is host to a myriad of subtle nuances best illustrated with age. Nothing is more apropos than to label the estate as the “last of the Mohicans” for its staunch approach to preserving tradition. There are others, namely La Rioja Alta, but few remain as steadfast in their winemaking and release program with such age. This is traditional winemaking at its finest and little about López de Heredia and its winemaking has changed over 125 years. The family adheres to a doctrine blueprinted in the 1880s–still making wine only from their own vineyards, using natural yeasts, long aging in wood, and no filtration at bottling.

Additional Notes and Reviews:

Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants “It picks up where the legendary 2010 left off, yes 2010 is a benchmark, but the 2011 weighs in at the same 13.5% ABV and punches well above its price. This is another one of those little overachieving bottles that gets us excited about sharing wine. In fact, we cannot think of a better candidate for the perfect “house wine.” With a decade of maturity, and half the flavor spectrum covered, few wines will get people talking while having to ability to take on a wide range of food. I mean what other wine can do this at under $23? It is a bottle that arrives to us with nine years of age and truly is the Gran Reserva in Crianza clothes. López de Heredia ages the Vina Cubillo longer than most Bodegas age their Reservas and Gran Reservas at a fraction of the price. On top of that, if Bosconia and Tondonia represent the prized Grand Cru vineyards of Rioja, then the Cubillo vineyard is certainly is the respected premier cru. Here, from 40+ year old vines, the blend of Tempranillo (65%), Garnacho (25%), Mazuelo and Graciano create their welcoming magic. This wine screams old school Rioja with pronounced aromatics that grab you by the nostrils and beg you to lean in for more. On the palate you can expect to find nuances of juicy red fruit, black cherries and strawberries, which are joined by orange peel, tomato leaf, black tea, brown spice and sandalwood. Positively delicious now with its welcoming soft fruit that gains weight with time in the glass, but it held in check with an underlying note of minerality and verve. A must buy for those seeking value in Rioja, Burgundy, and old wines.”

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