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Return of the '09 Redigaffi, Vintage Sassicaia, and Large Format Giacosa '08 Le Rocche Falletto Riserva
August 19, 2014 
A Note from Sergio

I wanted to give some context to today's offering from the Tuscan estate Tua Rita, the extraordinary '09 Redigaffi. Rita Tua is the name of the woman behind the estate Tua Rita, and she's a thick, heavy, strong woman. She's both of the earth and from it, and like the earth, she is nurturing and she is comforting. She would be the person you'd want to help you lift a car to change a tire when you're missing a jack, bail hay before the rain sets in, stir a pot of pasta to feed an army, or simply give a hug that will put you back on your feet. Her strength may be her defining feature, but her natural spirit that can soothe, comfort and heal is never far away.

Rita Tua wraps her big matriarchal arms around her loved ones to hug them close, so too the wines from Tua Rita wrap you in a warm, strong embrace. It is, actually, their dominant feature. But as big and powerful as they may be, they also have a natural beauty that comforts you from the inside and gives you this feeling of invincibility and heat. Just coming into its own, the '09 Redigaffi envelops you in its pure Tuscan warmth. It's an intense, joyful wine that holds its strength and its warmth in perfect balance, nurturing you with all the love of Toscana. 

Not far from Suvreto's Tua Rita is Tenuta San Guido, the maker of Sassicaia, and these two estates could not be more different. Tenuta San Guido is all cool, aristocratic elegance while Tua Rita is ebullience and warmth--in many ways these two estates make perfectly complementary fine wines. I'm very happy to bring back the '97 Sassicaia, a bottling that critics didn't understand upon its release but with maturity has shown itself to be exquisite. Finally, I'm delighted to offer large format bottlings of Bruno Giacosa's classic '08 Barolo Le Rocche Falletto Riserva, a wine that will be legend.



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Sergio Esposito