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Unique Gems from Antinori and Antonio Ferrari
August 2, 2019
A Note from Sergio

It's the beginning of August. It's hot. Maybe you're on vacation, or maybe you're just back from your beach house. In any case, it's summertime, and the living should be easy. To that end, I'm devoting today's offer to one exceptionally easy-going wine from one of IWM's signature producers, the Antinori family. Just as IWM does, the Antinori family believes that wine should be an affordable luxury. This 600-year-old family of winemakers brings the same attention to detail it uses to make its everyday wines as it does its collector Tignanello and Solaia bottlings, and that means that even the under $25 wines burst with flavor and glide with class.

Today, I'm very pleased to offer a fresh, winsome white wine from Le Mortelle, the Antinori estate that sits near the Maremma coast in Toscana, pretty close to Antinori's Guado al Tasso holdings in Bolgheri. While these two Antinori estates are near one another, they have very different terroir, and Le Mortelle's proximity to the sea means that its wines are a little riper, a little more saline, and a bit more fruit forward. I've selected Le Mortelle's lush and vibrant Vivia Maremma for you; it's under $25 and it brings Antinori's trademark effortless cool to your table.

Finally, IWM's cellars holds only a few bottles of Antonio Ferrari's indescribably gorgeous 1959 Solaria Jonica. I can't begin to explain the confusing, luscious beauty of this improbable wine--all I can say is that you need to experience it.


Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Only at IWM: The Antinori Family's $25 Fresh, Lush White
2. Time Sensitive Offer: 60-Year-Old Puglian Jewel, Antonio Ferrari 1959 Solaria Jonica
3. Wine Events: Upcoming August Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Antonio Ferrari Solaria Jonica 1959 500ml
Antonio Ferrari Solaria Jonica 1959 500ml
Price: $159.00

The product of the hottest summer on record in Puglia, the skills of Piemonte-born Antonio Ferrari, and sheer luck, the ’59 Jonica lands somewhere between a Recioto and a Port, but it’s far more complex and surprising. Notes of plums, berries and cherries dance with chocolate, earth, tobacco, black walnuts, caramel, spice and licorice in this dizzyingly layered wine. Though the Jonica has about six decades of age, it remains remarkably vibrant and nervy, hanging its myriad flavors on a sturdy tannic spine and energizing its thick palate with bright acidity. Rich, luscious, concentrated and warm, this wine needs to be tasted to be believed and sipped slowly to be appreciated. A mono-varietal Primitivo grown on old vines, this wine matured in botti for a decade and refined in concrete for an additional 35 years before being bottled. more info