August 24, 2016

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Poggio Scalette’s Way with Sangiovese, the Prince’s Sémillon, and Vintage Sassicaia
August 24, 2016
A Note from Sergio

Sangiovese's true home is in Toscana, where it has been pushing its way through the rocky Italian soil since Etruscan times. Growing on Toscana's rolling hills, Sangiovese is calmed by continuous cool breezes and ripened by the Tuscan sun. Even there in ideal conditions, Sangiovese remains a difficult fruit to master. The men and women who have a way with this grape make wines that sing great arias of Italy. There's this way that an excellent Sangiovese wine transmits the very air where it grew, the sun that shone on it, and all the green things big and small that grew alongside it. Pour a glass of a really good Sangiovese, and you're transported to Italy. You can smell the earth, the needles on the cypress trees, the chestnuts rolling along the ground, the poppy seeds blowing in the wind.

Today, I'm very proud to bring you a full-throttle, unapologetic, and altogether Italian Sangiovese wine from Poggio Scalette, the 2013 Il Carbonaione. Called the "father of Sangiovese," Vittorio Fiore founded the Poggio Scalette estate in 1992. Vittorio is a trained enologost, and he'd had a hand in shaping the wines of other estates when he founded Poggio Scalette. He wanted a very special place, and he found one. This estate had vineyards dating back to the decade after the end of World War 1, and they held a rare, ancient clone, Sangiovese di Lamole. Vittorio chose to make a cru wine from this old-vine plot, and Il Carbonaione was born. This mono-varietal Sangiovese wine is Toscana incarnate.

2013 was a classic, lovely year in Toscana; the weather was cool, and crystalline and beautiful. This 2013 Il Carbonaione is remarkably elegant and refined, yet it thrums with Sangiovese's power. If you love Montevertine's Le Pergole Torte or Fontodi's Flaccianello, you will adore this wine. It's really good. Along with this deeply Italian wine, I'm proud to present two more. First, there's a 1995 Sémillon from Fiorano, an outrageously racy bottle of Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi's fairytale white. And finally, I managed to score more bottles of the superb 1997 Sassicaia--you asked for it, and here it is!


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One Singular Fiorano Sémillon
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Fiorano No. 48 Semillon 1995 750ml
Fiorano No. 48 Semillon 1995 750ml
Price: $124.00

Luscious honeyed fruit dances with rare herbs, bees wax, menthol and exotic spices in this ’95 Sémillon that almost bursts with acidic energy. At once racy and mature, this Sémillon unfurls on the palate to show a velvety texture, and its surprisingly youthful acidity propels it to a sustained, complex finish. This Fiorano Sémillon combines the characteristics and layers of a mature white Burgundy, the dried tropical fruit of a Sauternes, the texture and body of an Alsatian white, and the oxidative minerality of an aged Sherry, all together in one bottle. The product of dedication and passion from Principe Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi and his Fiorano estate, whose avant-garde approach of organic agriculture and the use of a magical mold was way ahead of its time, this wine shows a rare ability to age. more info