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Twenty Six Years - Direct from the Tuscan Hills for Sangiovese’s Finest Expressions.
August 25, 2020

Discover the “Masterpieces” from the Fabled Panzano Estate. It is Flaccianello (1994-2017) Direct from the Tuscan Hills for Sangiovese’s Finest Expressions.

Right on the heels of our twenty-year vertical offering of the prized Chianti Gran Selezione Vigna del Sorbo, we have gone back to the Tuscan hills in Panzano’s Conca d’Oro (Golden Bowl) and once again raided the Fontodi cellar. This time it is the flagship of the estate, the icon of Sangiovese – Flaccianello. This time we are digging back to 1994 and up through to the exciting new releases from 2017. In fact, we tasted them back in July and they are an awesome display of ripe, dense Sangiovese fruit that makes us think back to the more “flamboyant” and “exotic” interpretation from 1997, 2007, and 2011, ripe vintages that showed best with a little maturity. We are presenting the 2017 Flaccianello, along with its siblings Vigna del Sorbo and Chianti Classico, at the best pricing in the country. But it does not end with 2017…

Yes, many collector eyes remain fixed on the 2016 release, for good reason, Italy’s iconic monovarietal Super Tuscan, Flaccianello, received perfection for the first time in more than four decades of reviews. While Flaccianello is near perfection for us from any vintage, just another side from Mother Nature, it is quite an accomplishment when you consider that out of more than 100,000 reviews on Italian wines from The Wine Advocate, it has only happened a mere 21 times. 2016 Flaccianello now sits alongside the immortal likes of 1985 Sassicaia, 1990 Le Pergole Torte, and 2010 Monfortino. We are pleased to present a final allocation of this legend in the making.

…But the greatness of Fontodi doesn’t end with 2016. Having hosted dozens of tasting events with Giovanni Manetti over the past three decades, the best tip we can provide is that the magic of Fontodi occurs with ten years of aging when the tertiary development of baked earth, leather, tobacco, cedar, and mushrooms nestle in with classic red cherry fruit. That is what makes today’s offer so special: we are including twenty-six years of Flaccianello with perfect provenance. We invaded the Fontodi cellar once again, for another epic IWM offering of some of the finest expressions of the noble Sangiovese ever assembled. You will not find a larger collection of vintage Flaccianello direct from the Tuscan hills than at IWM.

And while all eyes are on the more masculine and richer-styled 2017 Fontodi Flaccianello, right there with it is the more rustic sibling, Gran Selezione Vigna del Sorbo, showing more red fruit and finesse from its single vineyard 50-year-old vines. But that is just the beginning, dig through as there is a lot to discover from Panzano here that only IWM can provide…

Featured Wine(s): Twenty-Six Years of Flaccianello - Direct From The Tuscan Hills (Click to Order)

If you love Italy, you know the story… while Sassicaia provides a pinnacle expression of what Cabernet can achieve from Bolgheri, it is Flaccianello, along with the sibling Gran Selezione Vigna Del Sorbo, that now provides us with an idea of what we can expect from 100% pure, unadulterated Sangiovese from the Tuscan hills. We always say that Flaccianello is the Super Tuscan that drinks like a Brunello. What makes this wine so unique is its location in Panzano’s Conca d’Oro (Golden Bowl). Here with the high altitude and the galestro soils, very similar to Montalcino, Tuscany’s finest Sangiovese is produced thanks to the guidance of the beloved Giovanni Manetti and his family’s dedicated efforts since 1969.


2017 Fontodi Flaccianello Della Pieve
Christopher Deas, Italian Wine Merchants: "The IWM team tasted this beside the more upright, 2017 Vigna del Sorbo. Without a doubt, Flaccianello is the more concentrated and richer of the two Sangiovese expressions. Where the Sorbo showcases more freshness and vibrancy, the Flaccianello turns up the volume with a little more of everything — ripe and flamboyant, texturally dominating the palate. Sappy, red and black fruit, black cherries marry with plum, cocoa, violets, licorice, grilled herbs, and spicy oak. This is going to be one of the more approachable Flaccianello expressions we have tasted, but it is going to be exciting to watch this 2017 with age—it’s amazing how well the ripe 1997 performed at fourteen years of age at an IWM tasting event with Giovanni Manetti a few years back. It should be noted that where the Vigna del Sorbo is Sangiovese from one prized single vineyard, Flaccianello has, since the 2001 vintage, been a cuvée of the estate’s best fruit from across Panzano’s historic vineyards in the Conca. While it is splitting hairs, we slightly prefer the Vigna del Sorbo.” 07/20

Monica Larner, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: "The Fontodi 2017 Flaccianello della Pieve is a standout wine of the dry vintage. This pure Sangiovese opens to a dark garnet color with more visible concentration and density compared to recent past editions. This is a beautiful wine with pliant tannins, dark fruit richness, balanced acidity and a fruit-forward 15% alcohol content. The wine is big and bold when weighed on the Flaccianello scale (and even more so when weighed on the Sangiovese scale) with dark cherry, plum, spice, violet, chalk and campfire ash. Despite that power and inner opulence, this wine adds that zesty Sangiovese character with fresh acidity and an energized approach. This Flaccianello is whole and complete with the natural firmness and structure to hold it steady during the aging process. A small part of amphorae-aged fruit is added to the blend."

2016 Fontodi Flaccianello Della Pieve
Monica Larner, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: "Fontodi's 2016 Flaccianello della Pieve is a masterpiece. This review represents a composite of notes from two separate tasting sessions, one at the winery and a second bottle tasted repeatedly over the course of 24 hours at my own pace. In the case of the second sample, it ended up in a blind flight next to the 2016 Masseto, and as beautiful as that Merlot-based wine is, this wine paints an even more beautiful portrait of a perfect Tuscan landscape, thanks to that tangy Sangiovese typicity. This vintage shows amazing depth and poise, with a sheer sense of elegance that comes from the undisputed quality of fruit achieved in this balanced vintage. The bouquet opens to dark cherry, blue flower and tilled earth. The tannins are taut, almost crunchy, and the wine offers profound pedigree and persistence that is driven by the evident acidity. That depth is what stands out most. Until the 2013 vintage, Flaccianello was aged in barrique for 24 months. After that vintage, six months of the total aging time is spent in botte instead. This 2016 vintage includes a small part from clay amphorae for the first time. This slight change in the relationship of wine to barrel size has resulted in a more elegant and finessed wine. That point is especially underlined in this vintage. Because of cool spring temperatures during the flowering, yields were reduced by 20% in 2016 compared to 2015. Some 65,000 bottles were made." 07/19

2013 Fontodi Flaccianello Della Pieve
Monica Larner, Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: "The gorgeous 2013 Flaccianello della Pieve is going through a closed phase at the moment. Let's give the wine a few more years to sort itself out. This window of momentary shyness is a very encouraging sign when you consider how far this wine will travel to complete its evolutionary path. This vintage saw a cool spring that got the season off to a late start. Mild summer temperatures meant that the harvest also came later, with fruit picked the first week of October. The natural characteristics of this vintage include higher total acidity, increased tannic structure and slightly lower alcohol content. The 2013 Flaccianello hits the trifecta of positive potential aging attributes. Indeed, the wine is almost rigid and nervous at this early stage in its adolescence. Like proud parents, we will wait and watch this bottle blossom over time." 07/19

2012 Fontodi Flaccianello Della Pieve
Galloni, Vinous: "The 2012 Flaccianello della Pieve, a selection of the estate's best fruit, presents a darker, more virile expression of Sangiovese. Here, too, the purity of the flavors is truly striking. Cinnamon, cloves, new leather, licorice and plums are some of the notes that soar from the glass. The 2012 is full-bodied and voluptuous, in classic Flaccianello style, but the new French oak is much better integrated than it often is at this stage, the result of a move to lower toast levels over the last few years. This is one of the finest young Flaccianellos I can remember. Simply put, the 2012 Flaccianello is a real stunner. Wow!” 09/15

1999 Fontodi Flaccianello Della Pieve
Monica Larner, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate: What a stunner. The 1999 Flaccianello della Pieve is a tight and well-constructed wine with traces of that bright and tangy acidity that are so unique to the beautiful Conca d'Oro subzone of Panzano in Chianti. The wine is drinking beautifully right now, so if you are lucky enough to have a bottle in your cellar, you might want to move it up to the front of the line. This vintage saw cool conditions during the first part of the growing season, and much warmer temperatures later in the summer lasting through to harvest time. Compared to the 1997 vintage that is more muscular and concentrated, this pretty expression is lighter on its feet, more delicate and even looser in terms of its texture and fiber. It shows grace and poise, with the specific aging profile that is guided by the natural acidity that defines the Sangiovese grape. Over time, the mighty Tuscan grape loses much of its weight, much like a rocket shedding its boosters as it flies into space. What's left is steely, tight and firm, and ultimately, that is the engine that drives the grape over its aging evolution.” 08/19

Cheers to the Tuscan icon who continue to reach new heights while remaining true to their roots! Should you have any questions on these exciting wines, or would like to take advantage of this offer while supplies last, we are asking that you email orders back to me at, connect with your portfolio manager or mention receipt of this offer if calling the store. All orders are subject to confirmation.

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