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Return of the “Approachable” Sassicaia, Meursault in Umbria, Must-Have Bonneau du Martray
August 27, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

When the weather doesn't cooperate, my winemaker friends complain. They talk about the cold, the heat, the rain, the lack of rain, the hail, the snow, the plague of locusts. They sound, in short, like farmers. Of course, winemakers are farmers, but it's easy to forget that when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the grapes are slowly ripening on the vine. But being a farmer is only part of a winemaker's job. The more you know about winemakers, the more you realize how intricate, complex and deep their knowledge needs to be. It's not just how best to grow the grapes, how to coax the vines into producing perfect fruit or how to prune to help the berries ripen. It's when to pick. It's how to move the grapes from fields to cantina and how to sort the best berries--and then the real decisions begin!
2012 was an interesting year across Italy and into Europe. After a wet spring, the summer was long, hot and dry, especially in Bolgheri, putting stress on the vines and on the winemaker to green harvest and plan carefully. In Burgundy, 2012 challenged vignerons with a frosty spring, hail in July, both coulure (shatter) and millerandage (shot berries). But across France and into Italy, the growing season ended in a fairytale vintage with tantalizingly low yields. Gorgeous wines--but there's not much of them.
Today, I'm proud to offer new allocations of three 2012 wines: Sassicaia from Bolgheri's Tenuta San Guido, Cervaro della Sala Chardonnay from Antinori's outpost in Umbria, and Bonneau du Martray's stellar Corton-Charlemagne. The best thing about this vintage of Sassicaia is that it rewards people who aren't patient. If that's you, you'll want to hop on this warm Sassicaia vintage. You can drink it now, and it'll be juicy and fresh, but you can also lay it down for a while and let it age a handful of years. Likewise, both the Antinori Chardonnay and the Bonneau du Martray bottling entice you to drink it now, or let it wait a bit. Either way, you're drinking up beautiful expressions of this fairytale year.

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