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19 Vintages of Tignanello! 1980s Left Bank Bordeaux! And 2007 Valdicava Brunello!
August 5, 2014 
A Note from Sergio

Many winemakers built on the success of the pioneering Super-Tuscans--it's only natural that international demand would drive the market. But not all of these wines were created equal, and one of the best is also one of the earliest. Piero Antinori introduced his Tignanello in 1971, and he made wine history. Creating his Solaia in 1978 and his Guado al Tasso in 1990, Antinori further changed the face of Italian wine, something for which critics, collectors and connoisseurs are regularly grateful. 


Antinori has enjoyed incredible success and staying power. His wines--created under the guidance of legendary enologist Giacomo Tachis, finessed by the hand of Renzo Cotarelli, and now poised to be inherited by Antinori's three daughters--rank among the best that Italy has to offer; they are mandatory for any enthusiast's cellar. In many ways, they represent the beauty in the convergence of tradition and innovation, of the past and the future, and of roots-deep provincial Italian winemaking and the international wine scene. 

Today, I'm very proud to present nineteen vintages of Antinori's groundbreaking Tignanello, ranging from 1975, the first vintage to bear the name "Tignanello," to 2010, the most recent vintage. I think most of us drink our Super Tuscans too early. This list of wines gives you an opportunity to drink these wines as Piero Antinori intended--with age, and with perfect, pristine, straight-line provenance. It feels right to pair this legendary list with another, this one of more than 100 Left Bank Bordeaux from the sublime 1980s; these are affordable, extraordinary vintage Bordeaux, and I'm proud of Robin Kelley O'Connor for finding them.



Today's Featured Sections Include:  

1. Spotlight on Excellence: Impeccable, Aristocratic, Elegant Tignanello, 1971-2010
2. Time Sensitive Offer: Approachable Benchmark Valdicava '07 Brunello
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4. Only At IWM: More than 100 Pristine Bottlings of 1980s Left Bank Bordeaux!
5. Wine Events: Rioja Exploration, a Discovery of Spain's Greatest Wine

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Sergio Esposito