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30 Wines Under $30! Collector Vintage Dom Pérignon, and Affordable Cru Amarone
August 8, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Maybe you're a serious collector with hundreds of carefully kept bottles squirreled away in a temperature-controlled, moisture-controlled room beneath your home. Maybe you're someone with a small wine fridge tucked away in some corner of your New York City apartment. Or maybe you just keep a bottle or two around the house for weekly consumption, buying wine as your mood, your plans and your needs dictate. No matter who you are, if you're a real wine lover, you will someday need three kinds of wines: wines to drink any time, wines to impress, and wines for very special occasions.

Today, I'm emphasizing that first group--wines to drink right now, on any given night. These are wines that are affordable, easy to understand, and, above all, delicious. I've chosen thirty of IWM's favorite go-to wines for today, selecting bottles from around the world. Italy is well represented, of course, but you'll find a couple of French gems and one special Washington State white. My team and I composed this list to gratify a range of palates and experiences--there are sparklers for both the beginning and the ending of meals, crisp whites and aromatic whites, steely rosés and flowery rosés, volcanic big reds and lithe mountain reds. And not one of these bottles is over $30! It's a fantastic day to stock your cellar, cram your fridge, or stash a couple of bottles for the weekend.

To balance out this list of easy-drinking wines, I'm delighted to present bottles that represent the other two categories: a wine that will impress and one for very special occasions. If you want to pull out the stops, especially with a big meal, pour Amarone. A good Amarone is like a wine wonderland--it takes your palate for a ride! Brigaldara makes remarkably tasty, extremely value-conscious Amarone, and this '11 Case Vecie Amarone will drink beautifully now or years down the road. It'll knock your guests' socks off! Finally, a very special occasion demands a very special wine, and here's just the bottle: 1964 Dom Pérignon. I imagine some international man of mystery like James Bond sipping this Champagne. It's the epitome of sophistication, style and elegance--wine doesn't get much more special than this.


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Sergio Esposito
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Per Linda Cerasuolo 2015 750ml
Per Linda Cerasuolo 2015 750ml
Price: $12.99

Offering a vibrant cherry hue, this wine bursts with succulent vine-ripened blackberries, crisp orchard fruits, dew-laden roses and crushed saline minerals; it’s a treat for the senses! A gentle but persistent acidity complements the fruit-forward flavors of this ’15 Cerasuolo, and cheek-piquing minerals linger on the finish, making this charming wine very food-friendly. Grapes ferment in temperature-controlled steel for about two weeks, and the wine ages in stainless steel for six months before bottling. Cerasuolo, the Abbruzzese word for "rosé," shows us how delicious and practical a blush wine made from the Montepulciano grape can be; pair it with classic fish dishes of the Adriatic, as well as pizza and tomato-based pastas. more info