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Ca' del Bosco

The founder of Ca’ del Bosco, Maurizio Zanella, has been one of the foremost advocates of the Franciacorta region. His work was fundamental to the area’s receipt of the DOCG designation for its sparkling wines, and he has also endeavored to secure an official designation—Curtefranca—to represent the area’s still wine production.

Regarded as one of Franciacorta’s foremost practitioners, Ca’ del Bosco produces a full range of sparkling wines as well as still wines utilizing both the principal international varieties and those indigenous to the area.

Zanella’s impact has extended far beyond the parameters of his immediate location, earning him recognition as one of the defining figures in Italy’s wine renaissance. The Gambero Rosso has honored Ca’ del Bosco and Zanella with over 20 Tre Bicchieri awards, an achievement that is equaled only by Angelo Gaja.

Franciacorta Brut
Vintage Franciacorta Brut
Franciacorta Dosage Zero
Franciacorta Satèn
Franciacorta Rosé
Franciacorta Cuvée Annamaria Clementi
Curtefranca Bianco
Maurizio Zanella
Curtefranca Rosso
Region: Lombardia

Terre di Franciacorta