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Castell'in Villa

Located in Catelnuovo Berardenga, in the southern most part of the Chianti Classico zone, Castell’in Villa is one of the oldest estates in this DOC region. Leonessa Coralia Pignatelli owns and operates the winery and crafts intelligent wines – wines to reflect upon and wines that age for an extremely long time.

Wines from Castell’in Villa are hard to squeeze into a category. Traditional wines, all skillfully crafted from estate grown fruit, are the hallmark of this producer. Fruit is carefully hand selected at the height of ripeness. Even more impressive is the marketing philosophy to which the winery adheres: the precious stocks are released bit-by-bit, as they are deemed to be “drinking well.” The winery typically releases vintages two years after most producers. For example, when Castell’in Villa released its highly anticipated 1997 Chianti Classico most other wineries were selling their 1999. Since most wine purchased in the US is opened within 2 hours of its purchase, this gives consumers an unusual chance to drink wines with a touch of maturity.

The estate makes excellent Chianti Classico, an elegant super-Tuscan called 'Santacroce' that blends sangiovese with cabernet sauvignon, and a Vin Santo reminiscent of Sherry that is well worth trying.

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Chianti Classico
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