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Col Vetoraz

Prosecco is truly a consummate first, as it is traditionally used to kick-off an Italian event or feast. A light and simple sparkler made in the charmat or tank method (meaning that secondary fermentation is incited in a large tank as opposed to an individual bottle), Prosecco is derived from the eponymous grape. The beneficent interaction between cool mountain breezes and warm ocean influences creates a unique environment that enables the Prosecco grapes to retain both their acidity and aromatic expression. The latter is particularly significant in the case of the Prosecco grape, which typically lacks a pronounced flavor profile. Although vineyards within the Cartizze area are considered to produce the DOC's premier Proseccos, achieving a more pronounced expression, those outside this zone capture the hallmark Prosecco—representing a case wherein simple is best.

Col Vetoraz represents the collaboration of enologist Loris dall'Aqua, a foremost authority on sparkling wines and Paolo de Bortoli, a grower in the Valdobbiadene. Situated in the prime viticultural zone of Cartizze, Col Vetoraz has distinguished itself since its inception by pursuing a regimen characterized by strict quality control in its processes of selection. Given its exclusive focus on Prosecco, Col Vetoraz is regarded as a foremost authority on the nature of the grape, delivering examples that have rated on par with the sparkling wines of Franciacorta, and thereby validating the quality of this is often-dismissed member of the bubbly category. This unassuming Brut Prosecco certainly belies its popularity: It not only commences the majority of IWM's Studio del Gusto and Vintage Room tasting events, but currently reigns as IWM's best-selling wine.

Prosecco di Valdobbiadenne
Spumante Brut Lungo

Region: Veneto

Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene
Cartizze Superiore