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Corte Sant'Alda

Since 1986, Corte When Corte Sant’Alda’s owner Marinella Camerani commenced wine production in 1986, she dedicated herself to expressing the genuine character of Veronese wines and revitalizing techniques that had been forsaken in the interest of modernization. Her property—a former weekend retreat—comprises approximately ten hectares and is situated in the northeast of Verona, within proximity of the town of Mezzane. In Camerani’s words, her classic translations of the Veneto’s leading wines are “rich and intense, full of elegance and harmony.” The depth of character realized by her wines testifies to the imperative contribution of the terroir concerned, which provides an ideal context for the cultivation of Verona’s Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella, and Soave. The Amarone is the portfolio’s most eminent production, constituting an exemplary illustration of the old and new worlds working together to stellar effect. Corte Sant’Alda’s Valpolicella Superiore bottling is aged in barrique for a period of 18 months and derives from the ripasso method, receiving the beneficent influence of Amarone’s opulent character. The estate’s single-vineyard Soave is sourced from grapes grown in the Mezzane di Sotto commune, produced from vines that are trained in the traditional pergola system. The grapes are fermented in contact with their skins in large partially temperature-controlled oak casks.