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Querciabella's Biodynamic Beauties, Fantinel Sparkler Sale, and Gaia & Rey Verticals!
December 11, 2013
A Note from Sergio

Today we're featuring several vintages of Querciabella's Super-Tuscan Camartina, along with a few vintages of the estate's sensational white Batàr, and one of its Chianti Classico. This offer that spans a few years made me think of a small epiphany I had a couple of years ago when tasted three different vintages of Camartina--one from '82, one from '86, and one from '91. I had tried these wines in my youth when they were new on the market, and I remember tasting them and feeling duly unimpressed. They were nice wines, pleasant wines, but they weren't wines I wanted to build a lasting friendship with. 

Back then, I was into Nebbiolos. I wasn't interested in a Super Tuscan like the Camartina. It was like being a mod or a rocker: you had to make a choice. And as for the '86 and the '91, both of those years had been overshadowed by the years preceding them. Both '85 and '90 had produced wines that were such knockouts that they had stolen my attention, and I'd overlooked their following years. But then I tasted the Camartina again, and I realized how callow I'd been.

Now that these wines and I were in adulthood, I saw their beauty. No longer young and immature, these wines now had character. These were interesting, mature wines, wines I'd enjoy having a long and elliptical conversation with. I didn't anticipate the maturity of these wines when I first tasted them, but then I too was young, brash, and untested. And as much as the wines themselves had matured, it was more the change in me, in my palate, and my embracing of the world of wine.

Take a look at these Querciabella wines. They'll surprise you too. Querciabella's an estate that has kept a deceptively low profile, but don't mistake their reticence for a lack of power: these are serious, delicious wines, and they're great values to boot. Along with the Querciabella, I'm proud to present mini-verticals of Angelo Gaja's Gaia & Rey, a wine that rivals Querciabella's Batàr as Italy's best white. And finally, you can't celebrate the holidays without copious sparkling wine, so for two days, we're offering 20% off IWM family favorite Fantinel Prosecco Brut and Brut Rosé.


Today's Featured Sections Include:


1. Spotlight on Excellence: Under-the-Radar Querciabella's Camartina, Batàr, and Chianti Classico

2. Time Sensitive Offer:  20% Off Fantinel Sparklers!

3. Only At IWM: Italy's Other Best White, Gaia & Rey 2008-2011

4. Wine Events: Barolo and White Truffle Luncheon (and more)


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Sergio Esposito