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All Stars: Quintarelli, Dal Forno, Krug, Dom Perignon, and Truffles
December 13, 2012 
The iconic wines of the Veneto--Valpolicella, Amarone, and Recioto della Valpolicella--might be the perfect complement to winter. Pure, classic, structured, food-friendly Valpolicella; heady, decadent, sinfully complex Amarone; and delicious, opulent and dense Recioto della Valpollicella: these three wines complete a holiday meal from its antipasti beginning, to its roast meat middle, to its sweet dessert finale. These wines will warm you from the inside, make conversation burn a little brighter, and bring company closer together. And today IWM is delighted to present them at special holiday pricing, our way to make the great wines of Quintarelli, Venturini, Begali, Dal Forno, and Nicolis even better. 

in the mode of David and Goliath, the prestigious House Champagnes of Krug and (Moet) Dom Perignon meet the small Grower Champagnes of Chartogne-Taillet and Gimonnet. For 24 hours only, IWM delivers these icons of wine in six packs with some of the best pricing in the country.

Today's Featured Sections Include: 


1. Holiday Spotlight: Amarone to Recioto, Begali to Quintarelli

2. Time Sensitive: Davey and Goliath - Krug & Dom Meet Gimonnet &Chartogne
3. Wine Events: White Truffle and Barolo Dinner
4. 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: IWM Holiday Gift Guide (PDF download)
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Dal Forno Romano Veneto Passito Vigna Sere 2004 375ml
Dal Forno Romano Veneto Passito Vigna Sere 2004 375ml
Regular Price $249.00

Crafted only in the best of vintages, Dal Forno Veneto Passito Vigna Seré is a labor of love, and in ‘04, the textured silky wine explodes on the palate with a profusion of red and black fruit, espresso, leather, exotic spices and wildflowers. Named Veneto Passito Vigna Seré because this dessert wines differs in protocol from the traditional dessert wine of the Veneto, Recioto, Dal Forno’s sweet wine is as luscious, decadent, age-worthy and mind-bending as you’d expect. A blend of 55% Corvina, 15% Rondinella, 20% Croatina, and 10% Oseletta, the grapes for Veneto Passito Vigna Seré dry for six months before pressing--this is twice as long as for Amarone and two months longer than Recioto. After drying, the grapes ferment in stainless steel and then the wine ages for three years in barriques before bottling. It’s a magical wine from a magical vintage, and it explains why Dal Forno is known as the “Grape King” of the Veneto. more info