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Big, Beautiful Bottles of Roger Coulon Champagne!
December 16, 2019
A Note from Sergio

People often think of Champagne as only a celebration wine, but they're wrong. Champagne is so much more. This highly diverse category of wines offers infinite variations that can be fruity, penetrating, flowery, sophisticated, quaffable, bubbly or steely--and Champagne's breathtaking range means that serious wine-lovers owe it to their palates to plumb Champagne's depths. Grower Champagnes is a good place to start plumbing. The work of producers who cultivate their own grapes and estate bottle their own wines, grower Champagnes are like boutique hotels: glamorous, hard-to-find, elegant respites from modern life.

One grower Champagne house that consistently impresses me is Roger Coulon, whose stellar Brut Réserve de l'Hommée is in today's eLetter. This non-vintage Champagne is rich but bright, complex but easy to understand, precise but juicy, and today's eLetter has magnum bottles of this outstanding wine. My cellar is never without at least a bottle or two from Roger Coulon, and I love to pour the estate's Brut Réserve de l'Hommée for a good occasion--or just any occasion! Champagne makes moments feel sophisticated and special, and, priced at around $136, these Roger Coulon magnums pack a glorious punch.

Your guests will drink beautifully all night long with these mags--enjoy!

Today's Featured Sections Include:

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Roger Coulon Brut Reserve de l'Hommee 1er Cru NV 1.5L
Roger Coulon Brut Reserve de l'Hommee 1er Cru NV 1.5L

Bright cherries and berries, buttered brioche, baking spices, and vanilla cavort in the nose of Roger Coulon’s fine Brut Réserve de l'Hommée; the wine’s precise palate echoes these notes, adding citrus and orchard fruits, along with a penetrating minerality. Perfect, fine perlage transmits texture and a bright skein of acidity propels this elegant Champagne as it builds to a balanced, complex, and mineral-laden finish. This wine, a blend of Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay that derives from the estate’s old-vine vineyards in Vrigny and Pargny, gets its name from the traditional term for the vineyard work a person could do in a single day. Tradition dictates the creation of this wine; it ferments with only natural yeasts and ages for at least five years before disgorgement. more info