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Must-Have, Under $70 Il Poggione 2013 Brunello
December 19, 2019
A Note from Sergio

In 1890 Lavinio Franceschi left his home in the hills around Florence, took a trip about eighty miles due south, and found the tiny medieval town of Sant'Angelo in Colle, where he fell in love. He bought land in the region, and he planted a vineyard. In 1958, his sons, Leopoldo and Stefano, divided their father's estate to form two estates, Il Poggione and Col d'Orcia, both makers of terrific Brunello. Leopoldo engaged the esteemed Pierluigi Talenti to make his wines, and for forty years, Talenti was the guiding force of Il Poggione, crafting wines with a striking combination of grace, muscularity, and profound aromatics that hit you in the solar plexus. After Talenti's death in 1999, Fabrizio Bindocci, who studied at the hand of Talenti, took over the estate, and today, his son, Alessandro, makes Il Poggione's pure, powerful wines.

Today, I'm pleased to present a new allocation of Il Poggione's ridiculously good 2013 Brunello. Plagued by hail, hot winds, cold bursts and various other climatic vicissitudes, 2013 was a strange growing year for Brunello producers, but Il Poggione's unique high-altitude vineyards were a gift to Bindocci and his team, who brought in a nice harvest of super-healthy, balanced and ripe grapes. Il Poggione's '13 Brunello is one of those wines that embraces its opposites, unspooling in delicious contradictions from its sweet nose to its lingering finish.

This Il Poggione Brunello is fascinatingly complex, remarkably structured, and it packs a punch at under $70--enjoy!

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito