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Twelve Holiday Whites! Large Format Pelissero Barbaresco! And Antinori's Aglianico!
December 20, 2017
A Note from Sergio

About a decade ago, I had spur-of-the-moment lunch with a friend in Friuli. It started with a classic Tocai-and-San Daniele ham combination. The buttery-sweet prosciutto fat matched the weighty drink; the subtly salty character of the meat balanced the natural acidity of the wine. The next dish arrived--potato frico, a cheese fritter made from 90-day-aged Montasio cheese. Soft at the center and crackly at the edges, the frico was at once sharp and smooth. My friend and I opened a bottle of bigger, richer Tocai, wood-aged and full of tannins that balanced the greasy cheese.

During this lunch, my pal and I opened fifteen Ribolla Gialla wines; the best of them were piercing and mineral-laden, with intense, lingering aftertastes. We matched them with mid-sized agnolotti stuffed with mincemeat of tender veal and topped with a dark brown glaze of meat and butter, two courses of lake fish, and a frittata, a thick omelet of wild herbs. This frittata was a serendipitous thing--the osteria had run out of their other offerings, and the waiter had excused himself, run over to the farm, and plucked some still-warm eggs out from under their chickens, picking a few bunches of herbs from the front lawn. He showed up at the restaurant a minute later, holding the ingredients in his hands.

It was an epic lunch animated by a battalion of Italian white wines, a rare feast and not a red in sight. In the excitement over big-bodied, flashy reds, it's easy to forget white wines' cool nuances, their mineral crush, their buttery fleshiness, their tangy acidity, and, yes, even their chewy tannins. Today's offer puts the overlooked white wine in focus--I've chosen a dozen gorgeous whites from both Italy and France for you to enjoy. Like my epic lunch of a decade ago, these dozen wines show sweep a broad range of white wine flavor profiles, from hefty and mesmerizing to nimble and electric--and many in between. You can't go wrong with any (or all) of these wines this holiday season!

If you can't live without your reds, this offer has two, an outrageous large format benchmark Barbaresco and Antinori's super silky Aglianico--enjoy!

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My Best,

Sergio Esposito