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Your New $14 Go-To Red! Amazing Burgundies from Emmanuel Rouget and Chavy-Chouet!
December 3, 2014 
A Note from Sergio

Some occasions call for pulling out all the stops--opening that bottle of '88 Granbussia or '97 Biondi-Santi. Other nights call for nice meditative bottle, a thinking wine, something by Quintarelli, Ferrari or Fiorano. Other dinners want a wine that'll make the food sing, something like Solaia, Ornellaia, or Sammarco. But other nights, you need something that's fun, palate-friendly, and delicious. That's where the wines of Quattro Mani come in.

Quattro Mani may make exceptionally affordable wines--none of the bottles this group makes tops $17, but don't overlook these wines. For one thing, Quattro Mani is, as its name suggests, a collective of four winemakers: Attilio Pagli, Ales Kristancic, Danilo Drocco and Emanuele Rabotti. All exceptional producers in their respective regions, these four winemakers make wines that are representative of grape and true to terroir--wines that act like compelling calling cards. Today, I'm delighted to present the group's Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, made by Pagli. This is a classic, easy-drinking, food-friendly red from the heart of Abruzzo. It's got cheeky acidity, nice dusty fruit, and a round mouth-feel; it pulls you back to the glass. Best of all, it's $14 a bottle.

Along with this easy-going Italian red, I'm happy to offer a pair of serious Burgundies--one from Emmanuel Rouget and the other from Chavy-Chouet. The Rouget is a wine to impress even your most hard-lined Burg-hound friends, and the Chavy-Chouet is one that will make your cult Burgundy-loving associates take notice. To every time, there's a wine, and it's my pleasure to make sure you have the right one to set the right mood, however casual, special or extraordinary.


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