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2007 Alzero Returns! Your New Go-To White! 2016 Moreau Chablis Duo Debuts!
December 6, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Over the next few weeks, most of us will gather around a table with our friends or our loved ones eating, drinking, and making merry. Wine people love the holiday season because we get a chance to prove their skills and play the food-and-wine matching game. You know, that elaborate game that wine professionals have created to make you believe that every morsel of every bite you take must be matched to one particular wine, and if it's not that wine then you lose. But what is the "right wine"?

The truth is that holiday meals give us thousands upon thousands of perfect wine matches. (They also give us endless pairings that someone--maybe me, maybe you, maybe your Aunt Lydia--would find disastrous.) Most wine-lovers don't taste wine for a living, so always knowing what a wine tastes like, how it'll change in the presence of a dish, or how to pick a wine that'll please a wide variety of palates isn't possible. For example, even a wine as ubiquitous as Chardonnay has at least as many styles as there are vineyard that grow it. So how do you know which wine to pick, and what do you do if you pick the wrong one? Let's answer the second question first: don't sweat it--you don't throw out the dinner if the turkey is a bit dry, and you don't over stress if the wine is too heavy, too acidic or too rich.

To answer the first, I'd first mention that IWM's portfolio managers are here to help you with your holiday season's many wines. And then I'd say to choose wines that are delicious to you--whites that speak with the flinty, juicy or savory palates that you love; reds that glide, slide, whoosh, or unfold across your palate in ways that please you. To help you move into the holiday season, I've chosen four wines, three stellar whites and one collectable red, and each is ideal for your celebrations. First, there's Guiseppe Quintarelli's 2007 Alzero, a powerhouse of a wine. Bepi passed away in 2012, so this Alzero is one of his last, and it is outstanding--complex, textured, utterly magical. Next, there's a pair of intensely pleasurable 2016 Chablis debuts from Christian Moreau, and finally there's a minerally sea-swept white from Le Mortelle, Antinori's estate on the Maremma Coast. You can't go wrong with any of these gems!


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito