Superb Redigaffi Pair! Rare Vintage Pérez Barquero Sherry! And Ponsot's Singular Grand Cru!

May 17, 2018
A Note from Sergio

There are two roads that take you to Tua Rita; both are dirt. The estate sits apart from the paved road and the nearby township. If you go to visit, it's likely that your GPS will tell you to take the lesser, bumpier of the two dirt roads. GPS systems have a sense of humor in Italy. When you finally get there and get out of your car, an old dog will slowly rise from his sunlit nap and shuffle over to greet you. Once he does, he'll go and lie down again. His job is done.

A cluster of buildings, on one side of Tua Rita is the new cellar facility, and on the other is the house that Rita Tua, her husband and their kids bought for their vacation home all those years ago in the mid-'80s. Both structures have a ramshackle air about them, but they're warm and welcoming, like the dog and like all the busy people who you see in the fields that stretch out before your eyes beyond the cellar facility. Get there in spring just as the grass is cut, and you'll smell wild onion mixed with that familiar verdant scent. It's a familial, intimate, friendly estate, and it almost reaches out to hug you, as do Tua Rita's wines.

Today, I'm delighted to present a pair of recent vintages of Tua Rita's crowd-pleasing, finely made Redigaffi, one of the elite Merlots from Italy. I managed to secure both the 2013, a benchmark vintage, and the 2014, the 20th anniversary bottling, so we're offering half-case samplers with three of each. These wines are gorgeous, and each shows a different, equally compelling side of Redigaffi, a finely made Merlot that sings with the terroir--and the love--of Tua Rita.

Finally, don't miss the Ponsot mags or the Pérez Barquero--these are once-in-a-lifetime wines!

Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence: Redigaffi Duo for Now, Later, and Years from Now
2. Only At IWM: Once-In-A-Lifetime Pérez Barquero Sherry
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Big, Beautiful Ponsot Clos de la Roche Grand Cru
4. Wine Events: Upcoming May Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito

Tua Rita's cult-inspiring Redigaffi is no ordinary Merlot. Opulent and rich, this Super-Tuscan Merlot is characterized by telltale red and black plums, tea leaves, mocha and minerals--silky tannins and lively acidity finish the profile. Redigaffi is one wine that unites critics, connoisseurs and Italian wine newbies in unadulterated appreciation--and, along with Masseto and Messorio, it is one of Italy's most important Merlot wines. Today, we're delighted to present half-case samplers of the classic and textured 2013 Redigaffi, a benchmark year, and the aromatic and lush 2014 Redigaffi, a shockingly worthy successor.

No ordinary Merlot, Redigaffi derives from organically tended low-yielding vines; its grapes enjoy a lengthy maceration period, and the wine receives a lavish aging regimen in new barrels, resulting in an accessible and structured Merlot with layers of lush fruit and deep texture. Moreover, Redigaffi's vineyard rests on top an ancient ocean, and remnants of this former sea influence the makeup of its soil with layers of clay, silt, iron and zinc, which impart full mineral elements in the wine. A remarkable convergence of terroir, technique and grape varietal, Redigaffi is hotly collected by its many avid fans.

The two vintages offered today are a study in contrasts. The 2013 growing season in Suvereto was lingering and cool, giving the grapes a luxuriously long hang time. The result is a Redigaffi of almost unparalleled balance, bursting with ripe, red and black fruits, exotic spices, licorice, warm saddle leather, incense and pepper. A year that started warm and wet, 2014 saw hailstorms and rain, and, like most challenging vintages, 2014 separated the good winemakers from the great--and the Tua Rita team crafted a supple, powerful wine. Melted chocolate, crushed violets, exotic spices, smoky minerals, licorice and fresh-cut herbs frame the juicy, pure red and blue fruits in this '14 Redigaffi that is aromatic and silky.

Though Redigaffi has been a cult catch since its first vintage in 1994, Tua Rita has remained true to its artisanal ideals, and this vintage duo embodies the complexity, lushness, and balance that has made Redigaffi so beloved. A terrific bookend of two vintages, this Redigaffi pair is extraordinary Suvereto Merlot at its Tua Rita best--the 2013 is a benchmark vintage while the 2014 sees the twentieth-anniversary bottling of Redigaffi, making these wines ideal for toasting to your life's sweetest moments. Don't hesitate to secure your historic, delicious, and cult-inspiring Redigaffi sampler half-cases from this latest allocation--it's sure to sell out quickly, as Redigaffi always does!

Tua Rita Half-Case
3 x Tua Rita 2014 Redigaffi
(Italy, Toscana - Merlot)

$1,796.97 Regular Half-CasePrice
$1,399.00 Special Half-Case Price

Wines that are more than a century in the making are rare; today, we are proud to present one of the best. Pérez Barquero sherry redefines the genre, and with more than a hundred years behind it, Pérez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado is beloved by connoisseurs and praised by critics. Just over 308 acres situated in Spain's Córdoba province, family-owned-and-operated Pérez Barquero is devoted to the Pedro Ximénez grape, which grows perfectly in the estate's porous, chalky Albariza soils, and the estate occupies some of the best locations in the Montilla-Moriles appellation. While Pérez Barquero makes a range of wines, brandies and vinegars, it's most famous for 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado, a world-class sherry of complexity, nuance and elegance. We're delighted to present the BEST PRICE in the US on Pérez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado, a once-in-a-lifetime wine for aficionados of fine vintage wines.

Why Buy This Wine:

- Pérez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado gets its name from the oldest vintage contained in this non-vintage solera method wine; it's a rich tapestry of flavor profiles and silky texture, at once energetic and mellow.

- The solera method blends across multiple vintages, and the average age of the wines in this sherry is about eighty years old, which allows for mind-blowing complexity and nuance.

- This sherry explodes with raisined and juicy fruit, saline minerals, Christmas cake, toasted nuts, marmalade and ginger, and this kaleidoscope of flavor notes continues on the concentrated, rich palate.

- Deeply viscous, very dry, and sublimely powerful, this wine unfolds in mind-bending layers, wrapping its fruit around a serious core of minerals to create a dizzying drinking experience.

- Extremely hard to find, Pérez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado is a sherry for enthusiasts of old wines; it's an exceptional treat that deserves to be savored.

- Only IWM can present this Pérez Barquero wine at the BEST PRICE in the US; contact your portfolio manager to secure yours from our very limited allocation.

Pérez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado (700ml)
(Spain, Córdoba - Pedro Ximénez)
$499.00 Regular Price/btl
$449.00 Special Price/btl

"My crusade," vigneron Laurent Ponsot has said, "is to produce the most authentic wines." Ponsot, the owner and winemaker of the family-run Domaine Ponsot, bases his practices on this simple, impassioned philosophy: he makes all of his decisions in the field and in the cellar with an eye to making wine that expresses his Burgundian terroir, no matter how controversial those decisions may be. Growing his grapes in as non-interventionist a manner as possible, using only old oak for aging, and choosing to replace traditional corks with composite "Guala Seal" corks, Ponsot has dedicated his life to his wines. The work has paid off. Ponsot's wines embody Burgundy at its most essential. Today, we're delighted to present very competitive pricing on magnum bottles of the aromatic, enticing, and intense Domaine Ponsot 2011 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru. It's ideal for serious Burgheads--or those wine enthusiasts who aspire to become one.

Why Buy This Wine:

- 2011 was a difficult Burgundy vintage, offering uneven weather and problematic growing conditions; Laurent Ponsot deftly handled the year's challenges, crafting a lineup of superlative wines.

- Framing its pure, sweet Pinot Noir fruit with a bower of flowers, earth, baking spices, and a kiss of sauvage, the aromatics of this must-have '11 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru from Domaine Ponsot offer a heady promise.

- This promise is fulfilled with the intense, deep and energetic palate that adds fresh-cut herbs and a delightful inner perfume to the experience.

- Deriving from an 8.4-acre plot planted in 1947, this extremely age-worthy wine has supple yet serious tannins, suggesting that this wine has years ahead of it.

- Don't hesitate to secure your magnums of Domaine Ponsot 2011 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru with special time-sensitive pricing--our allocations are strictly limited.

Domaine Ponsot 2011 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru (1.5L)
(France, Burgundy - Pinot Noir)
$1,799.00 Regular Price/btl
$1,599.00 Special Price/btl

This offer will expire in 48 hours on May 19th at 11:59pm EST.

Saturday, May 19 | 1:00-3:00 pm | New York, NY
A Sit-Down Tasting

Regular Ticket Price: $99.00/person

IWM Host: Michael Adler

Central and southern Italy don't get as much notice as Italy's North, especially when it comes to winemaking. However overshadowed by their showy northern neighbors, the regions below Piemonte are where Italian winemaking began, and they're the sites of undiscovered treasures. Join us as we explore the history, traditions, producers, grapes and styles of Italy's southern winemaking regions. We'll pour surprising wines Trebbiano, Sangiovese Grosso, Aglianico, Cannonau--and more. Whites, reds and rosés all hail from Italy's central and southern regions, where you can find surprisingly affordable bottles that are as finessed, age-worthy and delicious as those from the North. From Super Tuscans by Antinori and Tua Rita to volcanic expressions from Graci, from a noteworthy Umbrian Pinot Noir to a shocking old-vine Sémillon, this tasting has something for every palate. Accompanied by regional meats and cheeses, this tasting gives you an enological tour of Italy that's so good you won't even miss the Barolo!

Featured Wines:

Graci Etna Rosato 2017
Alberico Bianco 2014
Paolo Bea Arboreus Umbria Bianco 2011
Castello della Sala Pinot Nero 2015
Canalicchio di Sopra Rosso di Montalcino 2016
Tenute Dettori Romangia Cannonau Tenores 2014
Tormaresca Bocca di Lupo Castel del Monte 2012
Antinori Solaia 2014
Tua Rita Redigaffi 2013

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