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Eraldo Viberti

Piemonte’s rollercoaster hills are home to some of the greatest winemakers in the world--Giacomo Conterno, Aldo Conterno, Angelo Gaja, Bartolo Mascarello, and more--but the fact that so many amazing, talented winemakers are crowded into a small geographic space doesn’t really set Piemonte apart. What sets Piemonte apart is winemakers’ ability to create lovely Barolo at a variety of price points. Eraldo Viberti, an organic winemaker from Barolo’s La Morra region, has been producing Barolo for the people since the late ‘80s. Viberti’s estate is a mere 6 hectares, and thus the estate produces a mere 700 cases of its Barolo every year. Viberti’s value-conscious, vintage Barolo may be your new favorite discovery.

Langhe Nebbiolo
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Barbera d'Alba Vigna Clara
Gilat Langhe Rosso

Region: Piemonte

Barber d'Alba