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Under $50 Talenti 2010 Brunello, Great Pinot Grigios, and 1978 Ferrari La Canestra
February 10, 2015 
A Note from Sergio


It's hard to imagine that not that long ago Montalcino, that tiny hilly region responsible for one of Italy's best-loved and most collectible wines, was just a dusty spot on the road to Chianti. And yet it was only in the last century that Montalcino--and its famously ethereal wine, Brunello--grew into its own. Today, there are over 250 wineries crowding Montalcino, quite a population boom from those lonely days when Brunello's father, Clemente Sante, carefully tended the vines that bore the fruit of his Sangiovese clones, grapes his own father nicknamed "the little brown one."


There may be scores of Brunello producers, but we carry only a handful. We stick to the stars. We carry Biondi Santi, the estate that gave birth to Brunello, and we carry Soldera, the acknowledged master of Brunello. We champion Cupano, the rising stars, and we love Valdicava and Il Palazzone, singular winemakers with a vision. We also carry the producer that I'm delighted to offer today, Talenti, a great Brunello maker. Today, I'm delighted to announce the release of the 2010 vintage from Talenti: a convergence of a great year, a legendary grape and a masterful producer.


Along with this great wine, I'm very happy to present a trio of Pinot Grigios, each under $12. This time of year, it's really easy to feel like winter's going to last forever; these bottles bring sunshine to your life. Finally, I'm proud to offer a new allocation of an old wine, Antonio Ferrari La Canestra 1978. I love Ferrarri's fairy-tale wines, and this one will wrap you in its arms. It's a seductive beauty, and it's perfect for Valentine's Day.




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