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Four “Big Reds” from Paolo Bea! Two New Único Releases! And One Great Champagne!
February 14, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Happy Valentine's Day! Today's eLetter is filled with wines I love. Four are Italian "big reds" from iconoclast Paolo Bea. Two are Spanish "big reds" from Vega-Sicilia, the most respected winemaker in Spain. And one is a singular bottle of Champagne from Jacques Selosse. Bringing these wines to you makes my heart fill with joy!

The label on every bottle of Paolo Bea wine reads, "'IL VINO É VIVO," or "the wine is alive." You can't believe a lot of the hype that you see on wine bottles, but you can believe this line. Bea is one of the founders of Gruppo ViniVeri, the True Wine Group, an organization of winemakers like Giuseppe Rinaldi who pledge to make their wines as naturally and with as little intervention as possible. Following these principles, Bea makes wines that just about leap from the glass; they're energetic and forceful. Like some kind of comic book superhero, these wines--especially Bea's Sagrantino bottlings--constantly morph and shift, showing different sides of themselves in a fluid unfolding of notes. They're dynamic, and they are beautiful.

Today, I'm very proud to present four new Bea releases, all featuring Sagrantino, Umbria's most important red grape. These are gorgeous wines, and if you've ever felt like Umbrian winemaking lingers needlessly in the shadows of Toscana, these bottles prove you right. Along with these four Bea wines, I'm delighted to present two new Único releases from Vega-Sicilia, both the 2005 Único and the 2017 release of the estate's non-vintage Único Reserva Especial. Finally, there's a blanc de blancs from Jacques Selosse. This fine Champagne will make you fall in love.


Today's Featured Sections Include:

1. Spotlight on Excellence:
Four Beautiful Big Red New Releases from Iconic Paolo Bea
2. Only At IWM:
Two New Collectable Vega-Sicilia Único Releases!
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Great Grower Champagne from Jacques Selosse
4. Wine Events: Upcoming February Wine Tasting Events

My Best,

Sergio Esposito
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Vega-Sicilia Ribera del Duero Unico 2005 750ml
Vega-Sicilia Ribera del Duero Unico 2005 750ml
Price: $399.00

Earthy, savory notes of underbrush, black truffles, tea leaves and cigar wrapper coddle the sweet, brambly fruits in this ’05 Único; it’s a wine that bewitches with its opulence and its opposites. Citrus zest and crushed river rocks energize the palate of this caressing wine, and a sweet inner perfume complements its savory underpinnings, while chewy, fine-grained tannins coat the palate. This is an approachable bottle of Único, but it will drink beautifully over the medium term. A blend of 94% Tempranillo with 6% Cabernet Sauvignon in 2005, Único is the product of very low yields and old vines--some more than 100 years. Vega-Siclia releases its Único with about ten years of maturation in the estate's cellars; the wine typically spends seven years aging in large, new and old oak casks, with three years in bottle before release. The estate crafted about 6,000 cases of its genial, welcoming ’05 Único. more info