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New Quintarelli Alzero Release! Great $22 Dessert Wine! And Must-Have Nuits-St-Georges!
February 17, 2016
A Note from Sergio

It's hard to explain a Quintarelli wine to someone who has never drunk one. These wines are so inexpressibly beautiful that trying to relay their drinking experience leaves me a little tongue-tied. However, my friend Mary came close. "This stuff just makes me weak," she said, uncorking a bottle of Quintarelli and filling the glasses with deep red liquid. "It's so damn sexy I feel like I'm being seduced right in front of my husband! You Italians are bad!"

There's nothing--nothing--I know that's anything like a Quintarelli wine. I've drunk Quintarelli wines for decades, but I've never been able to fully wrap my mind around them. They are that evanescent, that magical, that unutterably beautiful. All I can do to explain them is to imagine the late, great Quintarelli in magician's robes, waving his wand over the barrels, using the magic that his father passed down to him, and that he, in turn, transmitted to his children. Today, I'm proud to announce a new release of Quintarelli Alzero, the outstanding 2006. It's a stupendous wine, one of the last bottles that Beppe touched, and it's a finessed, complex, sinuous treat for the senses. Like all of Quintarelli's wines, it's indescribable, and it'll seduce you. You'll be happy it did.

Along with this extraordinary Quintarelli bottling, I'm very pleased to present the perfect complement to chocolate, cheesecake and many other desserts, Ca dei Mandorli's traditional Brachetto d'Acqui. This is a very, very Italian wine, and it is very, very good--especially when you realize it's only $22 a bottle. Finally, I'm delighted to offer a bottle of Nuits-Saint-Georges from Bouchard Père & Fils; it'll make you Burgundy lovers very happy.

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Giuseppe Quintarelli Alzero 2007 1.5L
Giuseppe Quintarelli Alzero 2007 1.5L
Price: $999.00