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Fuligni ’10 Brunello Release, Global Wine Flash Sale, and Magnums of ’12 Guidalberto!
February 2, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

In building a lexicon of "useful" wine terms, people have lost sight of what's really important about wine. And what's really important about wine is that it is, at its core, delicious. For me, deliciousness is the crucial difference that sets apart Italian wines in general and Italians in specific. To Italians, a wine either is--or isn't--delicious. A meal either is--or isn't--delicious. You enjoy it, it nourishes you, you want more of it, it satisfies you--or it doesn't.

I say all of this as a prelude to introducing the featured wines for this week's eLetter, the new release from Montalcino's Fuligni. This estate makes delicious wines. Fuligni used to make wines that strayed toward the modern side, but in the last half-decade or so, the estate has grown more traditional, and now its wines are even more complex and bewitching. They nearly reach out and pull your ears toward the glass. I'm proud to announce the release of the estate's 2010 Brunello, and it is a brooding, mineral-laden beauty. With it, I'm happy to offer a new allocation of the intense 2007 Brunello Riserva. These wines join a heady line-up of recent 2010 Brunello releases, and they make a beautiful complement.

We had two sales last week, and today presents the biggest one by far--more than 1,000 global wines. If you don't see bottles you want, you're not looking because this is a beautiful group of wines from insanely great producers, people like François Gay, Alvaro Palacios, Tony Soter, Piero Incisa della Rocchetta, William Fèvre and others. Finally, I'm delighted to present a special trio pack of Guidalberto 2012 in magnum. This is a gorgeous wine from Sassicaia's maker, Tenuta San Guido, and you do not want to run out. This three-pack keeps you pouring Guidalberto for years to come.


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