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$23 Talenti Rosso! The "Perfect" Guigal Ex Voto Blanc? And Vintage Gaja Sperss!
February 24, 2014
A Note from Sergio

The three wines in this eLetter would appear to have very little in common with one another. The first is a $23 Rosso di Montalcino from a long established Brunello estate; it's a thoroughly delicious, entirely uncomplicated, surprisingly complex wine that will make you happy from your wallet to your palate. The next is a highly collectable French white Hermitage, Guigal Ex Voto Blanc 2010; the press has been going insane over this wine, treating it with ecstatic response, and when you open a bottle and the symphony of scents hits your nose, you'll see why. The last bottle comes from my friend, the legendary Angelo Gaja--his Sperss Barolo with fifteen years of maturity. There's not a lot more that needs to be said about this extraordinary Gaja wine, other than it's not only perfect and mature, but it also draws a straight line of provenance.

A $23 Rosso, a collector Hermitage blanc, and a benchmark vintage Gaja Barolo: this trio of wines would seem to sit in separate spheres. What unites these three bottlings is the IWM difference: my commitment to bring my clients the best wines at superlative pricing with impeccable provenance and pristine temperature control. No matter whether you're opening a bottle to pour with Tuesday night pizza, laying down something special to age for a decade or more, or uncorking something memorable to impress your guests, you know you've got a wine that I and my entire staff stand behind--and love as much as you do!



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Sergio Esposito