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Debuting Poggio Scalette’s Riveting, Muscular 2016 Il Carbonaione
February 3, 2020
A Note from Sergio

Called the "father of Sangiovese," Vittorio Fiore is something of a Tuscan icon. A trained enologist, Vittorio had had a hand in shaping other producers' wines before he stumbled upon Poggio Scalette, which had sat abandoned for years after the death of its former owner. As Vittorio had looked for a winery to call his own, he knew that wanted a very special place, and in 1992 he found one in Poggio Scalette's deserted, terraced plots of tangled, ancient vines. Among its other holdings, Poggio Scalette had one 13-acre vineyard that dated to just after World War 1, and it held overgrown vines that, when properly tended, would bear an ancient Sangiovese clone, Sangiovese di Lamole. Vittorio saw the vineyard's potential, and Il Carbonaione was born.

Today, I'm very proud to debut the surprising, mesmerizing Poggio Scalette 2016 Il Carbonaione. 2016 saw the second consecutive ripe banner vintage in Toscana, a rare thing, and today's '16 Il Carbonaione offers a tension-filled, muscular, and deeply aromatic interpretation of its landmark warm year. This 2016 Il Carbonaione is remarkably elegant and refined, yet it thrums with Sangiovese's power, and for all its full-bodied allure, it feels a little subdued, as if it's quietly waiting to reveal its explosive, complex personality. If you love Montevertine's Le Pergole Torte or Fontodi's Flaccianello, you owe it to yourself to snag some of today's '16 Il Carbonaione. This is one Sangiovese you'll want to enjoy for years and years to come.


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My Best,

Sergio Esposito