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Antinori’s New Barolo Colonello Riserva, Under $70 Amarone, and Great Rijckaert Mâcon
February 4, 2015 
A Note from Sergio

Imagine a very, very large giant. Now imagine that giant took his thumb and pressed it into Piemonte, leaving behind whorls of land that filled his fingerprints in an endless array of undulating hills. This is what Barolo looks like. It's hard for anyone who hasn't visited Barolo's swirling hills to have a clear picture of the myriad microclimates it holds, but that's the beauty of this Piemonte wine region. Of all the many vineyards with all the best microclimates, Bussia, an 18-acre swath that curves like an amphitheater, is one of the best, and the four-acre Bussia Vigna Colonnello, a small cru located in the inside of this curve, is arguably the most historic.


For decades, the greatest expression of Bussia Vigna Colonello--and one of the very greatest bottles of wine--has come from Aldo Conterno. There are a couple of other winemakers producing from this tiny plot, but Aldo, the "King of Barolo," certainly held the crown. Today, I'm very pleased to present the next historic bottling from this renowned plot of land, Prunotto Barolo Bussia Vigna Colonnello Riserva 2008. This is the inaugural vintage of the wine, and while it has everyone very excited, it has its makers, Albiera Antinori and her family, most excited of all. This is a new Barolo to watch, but it's primarily a Barolo to savor. It's rare that a new release like this hits the market, and you'd be right to get in on this bottle now.


Along with this historic bottling, I'm very pleased to present two wines that make luxury living very affordable. It's hard to find an Amarone that delivers for under $70, but Begali makes one, and the 2010 we present today is a delicious wine. Jean Rijckaert is no stranger to my Burghead clients, but even if you don't buy up the Burgundy, you'll want to enjoy this under $30 Mâcon-Monbellet. It's a perfect winter white.




Today's Featured Sections Include:


1. Spotlight on Excellence: Inaugural Vintage of Prunotto Barolo Bussia Vigna Colonnello Riserva
2. Only At IWM: 
Under $70 Begali 2010 Amarone Classico
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Under $30 Rijckaert Mâcon-Monbellet En Pottes Vielles Vignes 2008
4. Our Experts Suggest: "Edgy" but Classic Bodega Chacra Pinot Noir
5. Wine Events: February Wine Tastings
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