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New Le Macchiole Paleo Rosso Release! Under $70 Benchmark Brunello! Collector Napa Cabernet!
February 6, 2017
A Note from Sergio

Le Macchiole is a Bolgheri superstar, and it's winemaker Cinzia Merli's approach that has made her estate's Super-Tuscan wines cult items. Cinzia says she uses "sensibility, attention, and respect of the characters," the same qualities she takes to raising her sons. "I spend a lot of my time thinking how to grow better Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc," she says, wanting "to understand their characters, to try to find the right solution for their issues." It works. Le Macchiole crafts wines that respond to the vintage because every year Cinzia learns something new, sometimes storing that information for years, other times implementing changes in order to coax the best from her grapes.

It's hard to argue with an Italian mother; she knows best. It's also hard to argue with Le Macchiole's wines--they're just that delicious. Today, I'm proud to shine a spotlight on the 2013 Paleo Rosso from Le Macchiole. This Bolgheri estate has always made elegant, finessed wines, but this '13 Paleo Rosso raises the bar, even for Le Macchiole. It smells like a walk through an Italian meadow in autumn, and it drinks like liquid silk. Critics have heaped praises upon this vintage, and in this case, they are not wrong. I'm very excited to present this new Le Macchiole Cabernet Franc release today, but don't wait to snag yours. The '13 Paleo Rosso is stunning, and it's going to go very, very fast.

Along with this new benchmark Le Macchiole Super Tuscan, I'm happy to present another pair of benchmark wines. The first is La Fornace's artisanal, umano Brunello from 2010. This wine reminds me a lot of Baricci Brunello in its style that is both rustic and elegant. It's under $70 for this low production Brunello from La Fornace, and this wine seriously over-delivers. Finally, I'm delighted to give Napa Valley wine-lovers something to get excited about: Araujo 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard. 2012 gifted California winemakers with outrageously good weather; the team at Araujo took advantage of it and crafted an outrageously excellent bottle of wine. But this Cabernet Sauvignon is more than excellent--it's historic. 2013 saw a name change for this estate, so the 2012 vintage is the final bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard that bears the Araujo name.


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Artisanal, Affordable 2010 Brunello from La Fornace
3. Time Sensitive Offer: Collectable, Historic Araujo 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon
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Araujo Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard 2012 750ml
Araujo Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard 2012 750ml
Price: $549.00

The product of a growing season that the estate calls “ideal,” the ’12 Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vineyard is a towering achievement; always a darling of critics and connoisseurs, this bottling achieved near-legendary status almost upon release. Bursting with juicy black and red fruits, crushed flowers, pressed sage and mint, warm baking spices, pencil lead, and loam, this is an electric, expressive evocation of this cult Napa Valley wine. At once precise and enveloping, this wine snuggles the palate as it moves with an electric acidity, studding the cheeks with tannins. Breathtaking balance between its elements make this ’12 Cabernet Sauvignon enjoyable now, but they also lend age-worthy structure to this blockbuster wine. The grapes for this mono-varietal Cabernet Sauvignon are organically grown in the historic Eisele Vineyard, which sits in the famed alluvial fan between two water sources; this vineyard’s stony soil offers perfect drainage and unique terroir, making for collector Cabernet Sauvignon. more info