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Fiorano No. 25 Bianco 1986 750ml
Fiorano No. 25 Bianco 1986

Price: $149.00
ID: 353
Vintage 1986
Producer: Fiorano
Varietal(s): Malvasia
Color: White

Availability: In Stock
Product Code: WH1018

Description Sub Region Producer Notes
This ‘86 Bianco gleams with an unfiltered copper glow, and the nose bends the spectrum, moving from earth to fruit, then with an interlude between sniffs, earth to spice. Tasting reveals layers of fruit, spice and earth all in harmony, with a balancing act of honeycomb, nuts, and spiced pears playing the lead. This mature white wine defies what we think we know about Italian whites, offering a tremendous drinking experience for wine connoisseurs; despite three decades of maturity, this powerful wine opens with hours of aeration to show a kaleidoscopic palate. Fiorano Bianco, crafted from organically grown Malvasia di Candia, is an unusual, rare white that stands the test of time and offers a picture of meticulous, organic winemaking as it was practiced decades ago.
Additional Info
  • Color: White
  • Style: Still
  • Type: Still
  • Variety/Blend: Malvasia

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Wine Price
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Bottle Size
Bottle Size > 750ml (Regular)
Wine Type
Wine Type > White
Italy > Lazio
Producers > Fiorano