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Giacomo Conterno Barolo 'Cascina Francia':
[jah-ko-mo kon-tehr-no kah-shee-nah frahn-chah]

Only the highest quality grapes from the vineyard of Cascina Francia in Serralunga d’Alba are utilized for Giacomo Conterno’s famed Barolo Cascina Francia.

Brothers Giovanni and Aldo both began their careers in the early 1950s with their father, Giacomo. However, with a divisive split in view over the style of their wines, Aldo departed in 1969 to found the Favot cellar. Giovanni continued at his father's estate, initially fashioning wine from purchased grapes derived from local sources, in accordance with the methodology established by Giacomo. In 1974, however, Giovanni acquired Cascina Francia in Serralunga d'Alba, an acquisition that enabled him to produce wines from estate grapes. Upon Giovanni’s recent passing, his son, Roberto, assumed direction of the estate, adhering to the traditional practices that have defined the winery’s orientation since its inception. He has introduced modification only with respect to reducing the length of maceration and limiting the varietals cultivated to Nebbiolo and Barbera.

All the grapes for Conterno's Barolo are from estate-owned vines in the Francia site. Prior to this time the grapes were acquired from the best parcels of land in Serralunga by Giacomo and Giovanni. The five hectares of vines from the Francia site rests at 370-420 meters in altitude, features southwest exposure and calcareous soils, all of which impart profound tannins and outstanding aging ability.

Cascina Francia undergoes an unusually long temperature-controlled maceration which may be conducted for up to four weeks. It is a picture of classic Barolo, offering the “good body, alcohol and tannins plus that certain something which gives longevity” that Giacomo Conterno taught as the pillars of this noble wine. The traditional vinification method includes four years of ageing in oak and yields just 1,500 cases in good vintages.
Wine: Barolo
Producer: Giacomo Conterno
Varietal(s): Nebbiolo
Region: Piemonte
Province: Cuneo
Commune: Serralunga d'Alba
Cascina Francia
Altitude: 400 meters
Barolo DOCG
Bottle Production:
1,500 cases in good production