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Giuseppe Mascarello Barolo Monprivato:

Barolo ‘Monprivato’ is one of Italy’s most famous single vineyard bottlings. The Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio estate—the motto of which—“Only the memory of the past can open the way to the future”—provides a succinct articulation of the estate’s ability to seam tradition with innovation. Monprivato is only bottled in outstanding vintages that live up to Mascarello's high standards. Those harvests that do not meet such expectations are utilized for the normal Barolo or sold as Nebbiolo Langhe.

Giuseppe Mascarello established his estate in Monforte d’Alba in 1881 although the historic vineyard is recorded by old land registry archives as dating back to 1666. It was Giuseppe’s son, Maurizio, who began to establish the family’s positioning among the defining producers of Barolo with the purchase of land in the nearby commune of Castiglione Falletto in 1904. This acquisition commenced the Mascarellos’ eminent ties with the past, bringing them ownership of a parcel of the Monprivato vineyard.

The wine is sourced from a 6-hectare plot in the famed Monprivato vineyard in Castiglione Falletto, which typically produces wines occupying a middle ground between the potency of those from Serralunga d'Alba and Monforte d'Alba, and the gentle, aromatic elegance of wines from Barolo and La Morra. The Monprivato vineyard sits on clay slopes facing southwest at 280 meters of altitude along the central valley of the Barolo zone. Owner, Mauro Mascarello believes Barolo’s finest vineyards produce wines that are essentially rich in flavor with sweeter, softer tannins than those of lesser sites. He is adamant that yields be reduced and traditional measures taken to allow minimal cellar intervention. Mascarello uses extended maceration and ages the wine for about 38 months in medium Slavonian oak casks to emphasize the leaner, more tannic side of Nebbiolo.

Barolo Monprivato is a medium, full-bodied wine that tends to demonstrate ruby-garnet colors upon release. Mascarello Barolos begin to mature between six and ten years of bottle age, and may continue to evolve over a 25- to 40-year span.

Wine: Barolo
Producer: G. Mascarello
Varietal(s): Nebbiolo
Region: Piemonte
Province: Cuneo
Commune: Castiglione Falletto
Vineyard(s): Monprivato
Altitude: 280 meters
Exposure: Southwest
Classification: Barolo DOCG
First Year: 1970
Bottle Production: 8,500-30,000 bottles

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