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Historic ’78 Soldera Brunello, Biondi-Santi ’11 Brunello Debut, and Gravner’s Gorgeous Ribolla Gialla

Gravner Ribolla Gialla Anfora 2005 750ml
Gravner Ribolla Gialla Anfora 2005 750ml

Price: $89.99
ID: 17072
Vintage 2005
Producer: Gravner, Josko
Varietal(s): Ribolla Gialla
Color: White

Availability: Currently Unavailable
Product Code: WH1653
Currently Unavailable.

Description Sub Region Producer Notes
Opulent, intense, and textured, the '05 Ribolla Gialla is a powerful wine--it’s a white that drinks like a red. This structured, fantastically layered wine shows ineffable notes of caramel, orchard fruit, crushed seashells, and minerals, all carried by velvety tannins. After growing his grapes with strict biodynamic protocol, Gravner lets his white grapes sit on the skins in his amphorae for around twelve months; then he ages the wine in casks for about six years before bottling, without fining or filtration. Unlike some other natural winemakers, Gravner does add small amounts of sulfur, believing that a tiny amount will keep his living, breathing wines from oxidizing, or dying a premature death. This amber wine is best served like a red and enjoyed with hearty fare. Trust us: its palate of honeyed apricots and peaches, warm spices, and savory caramel will stand up to it.
Additional Info
  • Color: White
  • Style: Still
  • Type: Dry
  • Variety/Blend: Ribolla Gialla

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