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Grosjean Frères

Although a very limited amount of wine issues from this region, Valle d’Aosta offers a surprisingly diverse and rather esoteric grape population, representing Italian, French, and Swiss varieties. While this international array is confusing in and of itself, it becomes even more so given the labeling protocol, which admits both varietal and geographic identification, as well as the usage of Italian and French. Also, Valle d’Aosta maintains its own unusual nomenclature for certain grapes: Nebbiolo goes by the name Picotendro and Pinot Grigio is referred to as Malvoisie (specifically in Chambave). Of the 13 recognized indigenous varietals, Petit Rouge (the basis of both Torrette DOC wines) and Fumin are the most widespread.

The Frères Grosjean portfolio represents the indigenous Petit Arvine, Premetta, and Fumin in varietal-labeled bottles and the Torrette DOC wines. Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Malvoisie represent Grosjean’s French varietal contingent.

Blanc de Dauphine
Petite Arvine
Pinot Noir
Rouge George
Torrette Supèrieur
Region: Valle d’Aosta

Valle d’Aosta