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A Note from Sergio


Italians don't celebrate Thanksgiving. There isn't even an equivalent holiday, as there is in Canada and other countries. However, not having Thanksgiving doesn't mean that Italians don't have something to say about how to celebrate it. Italians know a lot about how to structure a meal like a story, or like an opera. There's a sense of narrative, of building action, and of a satisfying finish that's created in a real Italian meal, and it's a good model for an American Thanksgiving, one of the great holiday traditions of this great country.


When Italians plan a meal, they don't just plan out the courses; they also plan out the wines for each course. There's no way that the wine that you start a meal is also the wine you drink as you finish it. The wine isn't serving the same purpose, and it isn't accompanying the same food. It's a form of blasphemy to jumble wines and foods in Italy--you'd no more serve Prosecco with the main course than you would serve a Barolo with your antipasti. To do so would be to present jarring notes, and the whole point is to create a seamless, escalating experience where each course gets you primed for the one that follows.


It can feel daunting to pair wines with foods, so to help my clients, I'm offering a brief Italian model in this week's offer. You start with a nice Prosecco or something other crisp and acidic wine; you move to a wine with a brush of salinity or minerals to get your mouth salivating; when the main course arrives, you choose something like a Barolo or a Brunello to properly celebrate the event; you choose for a soothing red or white for the cheese course; and you finish with a dessert wine that drinks like a sweet, piquant dream.


This year, my IWM family and I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and warm Thanksgiving shared with people you love. Let your meal unfold at its own leisurely pace; take time to inhale the scents of the food, to watch the faces of your loved ones light up and sigh with happiness; enjoy yourselves. This too is what Italians do. After all, it's not just a meal, it's a story that you're living, one delicious mouthful at a time.




My Best,  


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Antonio Ferrari Solaria Jonica 1959 500ml
Antonio Ferrari Solaria Jonica 1959 500ml
Price: $179.99

The product of the hottest summer on record in Puglia, the skills of Piemonte-born Antonio Ferrari, and sheer luck, the ’59 Jonica lands somewhere between a Recioto and a Port, but it’s far more complex and surprising. Notes of plums, berries and cherries dance with chocolate, earth, tobacco, black walnuts, caramel, spice and licorice in this dizzyingly layered wine. Though the Jonica has about six decades of age, it remains remarkably vibrant and nervy, hanging its myriad flavors on a sturdy tannic spine and energizing its thick palate with bright acidity. Rich, luscious, concentrated and warm, this wine needs to be tasted to be believed and sipped slowly to be appreciated. A mono-varietal Primitivo grown on old vines, this wine matured in botti for a decade and refined in concrete for an additional 35 years before being bottled. more info